Netflix: 3 Best Movies Recommended by Editorial Staff This Week

Netflix: 3 Best Movies Recommended by Editorial Staff This Week

Netflix: 3 Best Movies Recommended by Editorial Staff This Week

One of Netflix’s biggest strengths? Its table is full of programs that are fun to look at. CNET’s editorial staff advises you daily on the series viewed and appreciated on the SVOD service. But on the weekends the cinema attracts attention.

Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman, Blade Runner 2049 And Beautiful devil …Here are three of the three best-produced films to watch on stage.

What are the best movies to watch on Netflix this weekend?

Biopic Emotionless: Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

Summary of the film

William Marston, the American psychologist and writer, was the inventor of the lie. His other great creation? Superheroine Wonder Woman, for whom she was inspired by two loves of her life: his wife Elizabeth and their boyfriend Olive.

CNET editorial review

If everyone knew the work of William Marston, very few knew the extraordinary story behind the creation of Wonder Woman. Director Angela Robinson is only interested in the appearance of the superheroine Professor Marston and Wonder Woman. And this look is full of love.

Luke Evans plays a psychologist named William Marston. Marston did not really live in a conventional way, especially in the eyes of 1940s society. He loves his wife Elizabeth (Rebecca Hall), but also the young Olive (Bella Heathcote).

Be careful, this is not a small prostitution story. The two women love each other, and this cheerful troop makes three-way couples. Plus, it doesn’t stop there … Marston is also involved in BDSM practices. Surprisingly, thanks to this “herd” difference for the birth of Wonder Woman.

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Of course, the reality is romanticized here because this work is a film, not a documentary. Visually, Angela Robinson does a good job, the film is engaging and the movement is clean. Professor Marston and Wonder Woman A very beautiful representation of the complexity of human relationships, a tender portrait filled with love.

In short, if you want to know more about the origins of Wonder Woman: go for it.

  • Here is an excerpt from this great movie:

Un Grand Film de Science-Fiction: Blade Runner 2049

Summary of the film

2049, in a society weakened by tensions between humans and slaves (called replicas), Officer Q is a “blade runner”. At the Los Angeles Police Department, he has the task of removing androids that are no longer obedient to men.

What he does not plan is to find himself hunting when he discovers a good secret that can change the course of humanity. His only hope? Find Blade Runner Rick Deckard who has been missing for years.

CNET editorial review

After 35 years Blade Runner Written by Ridley Scott, Denise Villanuev decided to direct a sequel to this excellent SF classic film. A complex and ambitious project. But who can tackle this better than the best Quebec filmmaker? Prisoners And Premier Contact ?

Even better, Harrison Ford accepts the role of Rick Descartes that he played in the original film. But the real star of the series is Ryan Gosling, who impresses with his insensitivity. Ana de Armas, Jared Leto and Robin Wright complete these excellent cast and deliver solid performances.

Vision, Blade Runner 2049 Sublime. The scenes (often adjusted) are tremendous, the special effects are very effective and above all, the colors – sometimes warm, sometimes icy – recreate the future universe Blade Runner With success. This is a master stroke by Denise Villeneuve and photo director Roger Dickens.

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Blade Runner 2049 So a useful set that calls into question the boundaries between real and virtual. An excellent film against the wave Blockbusters Regular, because he has been betting on hypnotic depression. Figure 2:44 lasts, but we promise, it’s worth it.

  • Check out the trailer for this great sci-fi movie:

Un teen movie charmant: Beautiful devil

Summary of the film

In Ireland, a boarding school for boys, Nate did not have many friends. I have to say he is the only student in the region who does not like a real company rugby. Against all odds, he will form a friendship with his mysterious new roommate Connor, who is also the school’s new primary rugby player.

CNET editorial review

Let’s be honest Beautiful devil Nothing too original. But that doesn’t mean this little independent film isn’t worth the detour. Fans of films for teenagers will find what they are looking for.

Finn Ozia plays a very unhappy, artistic, gay teenager at his testosterone flowing boarding school. Famous new student Nicholas Gallitz seems to fit in easily, but he also hides his homosexuality.

Compulsory roommates, Andrew Scott (two boys come closer to help a well-meaning teacher)Sherlock, Flyback).

Beautiful devil It is interesting in the way he talks about the most conservative Irish society, the differences between social classes and homosexuality. Where one can expect a love affair, Beautiful devil Chooses to highlight the friendship between the two boys who seem to oppose everything.

Thanks to its cast and its reassuring hope, Beautiful devil It’s a beautiful opening story and you’ll definitely have a good time before that.

  • Watch this movie for young people:
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