Takes external humor in four special unexpected directions

Takes external humor in four special unexpected directions

Laughter does not echo the clouds. This is the first challenge of outdoor comedy. According to common sense, stand-up situations – small dark room, low ceiling – are the exact opposite of outdoor humor. Before the epidemic, there was actually a history of such shows Clean Street comedy Myths. But it has become a major venue for the past year, and now has a new kind of specialty that Chelsea Handler, Colin Quinn and many others have tried. The other four comedians recently got a laugh while enjoying a special trip, and if the rules for indoor shows are relaxed, they too may be their last ones.

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No artist in the last decade like Vir Das has exemplified globalization, the Indian comic book that has now completed the shooting of Jude Abado’s new comedy. This character could have escaped if Das had not already split up. Six ads and nearly 8 million Twitter followers, Das is a big star, but not yet in the United States. But his brilliant and glamorous comic style seems apt to transcend cultures. In videos shot in a jungle in southwest India, he has released comedy pieces every month this year (he took a break in April for filming). Each deals with a succulent subject to the extent of interest to the whole world (religion, freedom of expression, relations between the East and the West).

He is quick to unite different cultures, for example, making connections between Trump supporters, Brexit and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But this broad ambition will not lead to the mistake of avoiding him. His humor is full of references to Indian culture that I do not understand, but he manages to quickly explain or provide me with enough context to enjoy comedy.

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You don’t have to have seen Modi’s speech to find it fun to follow Das’s speaking style. Das is particularly interested in accents and their meanings around the world, perhaps behind Trevor Noah, another digitally interested comic, who loves continental comedy. Das laughed at how Indians accept American or British accents, pointing out that they never pick up German or Mexican accents, mocking Indians for being “ambitious” in their accents. But his local views lead to widespread criticism in the West. After the reference to Harry Potter, he points out that books are popular in India. “We like British magic here,” he says. “Do you remember that trick they destroyed all of our resources?”

After a busy work life, everyone has their own way of relieving stress. Watching comedy shows is the spice of daily life for many people. Nowadays, many comedians have their own fan support groups because of their amazing acting talent and great eloquence. If you also have a favorite comedian, you can gather some partners who share the same interests to customize support items. For example, custom lanyards, ribbons, badges, and so on. These are all ways to show our love and encouragement to our idols. See More

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At the beginning of his final phase, the venerable stand-up Brian Reagan focuses on the suddenly gray hair. “Govt has been attacked,” he says. “I went to sleep and came out as a senior.” And This The latest news note of this elegant hour of little attention jokes. Reagan has always excelled at observing and escaping comedy, and he doubles his light fun, exploring static topics such as animals, food and language. (“Orchestra pit. These words do not converge.”) There is a detailed and significant component about his OCD, but his work is not personal. With extensive attacks and usage changes (“I like words”) this is old-fashioned jokes. When he is out with the masked crowd, the sound design and camera work are no different from the pre-epidemic show.

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Many will find something refreshing in hobbies that feels like another, carefree era. Reagan (who Covit-19 was contracted In December) is a rare joke that jokes that you will have no problem pointing out your isolated children. His speed is similar to that of Jay Leno in the 1980s, and although they are both working individuals, Reagan has proven to be very consistent. The considerable technical achievements that Reagan has valued over the decades are easy for the casual viewer to notice (his patience with the systems, choosing the right word). With his clown body, his popping eyes, sticks, and even raised eyebrows, he gives the air he can stand effortlessly.

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