The science against Godzilla Kang is behind his inner earth!

Sometimes science practitioners make mistakes, some years, something that has been scientifically accepted for decades, and then it turns out to be a lie. Even large skulls like Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton were wrong, of course countless “scientific facts” can now be quoted here, which turned out not to be so over time … (e.g. different parts of our language have different flavors – salty, sweet, Sour, bitter – in fact, our language is not divided into parts in this way).

For a long time, it has been accepted that the earth is empty, which is one degree better than the fact that the earth is flat anyway, but we must all crush: none of this is true. Of course, this theory is not XX. Century, but can be dated earlier: the famous astronomer Edmund Haley (named after him the comet Comet) lived in the 1700s, and he considered the earth to be empty.

Why did you think that? Well, Isaac Newton’s all-wrong, previously concluded that the Moon’s density is twice that of Earth (5: 9). Based on this, Haley believed that the migration of the Earth’s magnetic poles – and the myth of the underworld that appears in almost all ancient cultures – would have holes within the Earth (otherwise, it would be less dense than the Moon). The truth is that the ratio of the density of the Moon is not so much in proportion to the Earth, and there are no pits beneath the Earth – the latter misconception, if nothing else, is that it is good to encourage creators like this e.g. Jules Verne.

Well, the earth is not flat, not even empty. But what if it is? Can gigantic monsters like Godzilla or Kong live under us? Well, if we look at the biology of the first two animals, Kong is not frying himself from the inside (e.g., constant internal body temperature is also a defining factor in warm-blooded animals), but if you do something outside, your bones will break from your weight. This is because mammals do not have the tricks of birds (and, of course, the most relevant here: dinosaurs) to illuminate their bones with airbags. In Godzilla, it would be even more imaginative, but the animals rising above the skyscrapers are unthinkable even under these conditions. The Blue Whale is the largest animal ever to grow on earth, and can grow to this size (25 meters, 50 to 150 tons) because it lives in water.

What about dinosaur-sized animals? Can a Prosciutto herd live below us? Well, there will be free land. If we happen to travel only 600 kilometers downhill (which is a bad place in this direction anyway), the available Earth’s surface would be equal to that of Venus, in other words, it would correspond to 90% of the Earth’s surface, i.e. an inhabited ocean. So no problem in this area.

However, there are two factors that should not be ignored: one is pressure and the other is temperature. At sea level, the former is about 1000 HPA. It is located at the top of Mount Everest at a height of 9 km and is only approximate. 1/3, but when moving in the other direction, this figure becomes much rougher. At a distance of about 15 km above sea level, the air pressure is 20 times higher than measured at sea level, so it is not difficult to see that the maximum pancakes can be encountered at a depth of 600 km.

But if something can withstand pressure (as there is life at the bottom of the Mariana Trench), there is another limiting factor: modestly high temperatures. The deepest hole drilled in the earth is in Russia and is only 12 km deep. It was planned to be 15 km deep, but they were forced to stop drilling because the temperature below it was so low (about 180 C) that the rocks behaved almost like plasticine. As drilling engineers say: Deep drilling is like trying to dig a hole in a bowl of vegetables …

So, it is feared that this time the laws of physics will control the creation of this wonderful underground world …

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