Zion continues to rise in Lyon

Zion continues to rise in Lyon

This Tuesday evening, yellow and yellow will appear in yellow from the capitals of Lyon and Caul. Vijigruz , A site run by the Central Hydrometeorology and Flood Forecast Support Service (SHABI).

As a reminder, yellow awareness indicates the risk of flooding, which ranges from four levels green (no awareness required) to red (risk of a major crisis). However, caution is required for operations on the waterways involved.

“Flood wave in upstream basin”

As the sun continues to rise for several days, the level of the sun should rise further in the coming hours. “The amplitude of the flood waves that form in the upstream basin has a lasting effect on increasing the levels of the Sun’s section in Lyon,” he told Wikis.

At the Bond-la-Fuli station (Lyon 5th), the river water level was 3.97 meters at 6pm on Tuesday. It will be 4.08m on Wednesday, February 3 at 5 p.m.

This is called the mid-forecast between the low estimate (3.97 m) and the high estimate (4.18 m). Distances from historic flooding: 6.50 m in 1955, 4.60 m in 2018 and 5.59 m in 2001.

In Lyon, the light flood of Ron Slight fluctuations may be, but overall, stabilizing. At Bond Morand, the river will rise to 2.62 m on Tuesday evening at 6 pm (2.72 m on January 31). In contrast to the conditions observed at the same location, January 2018 (3.53 m) and, especially in November 1944 (6.02 m).

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