A four-year-old boy in Wales has discovered a 220 million year old dinosaur buck

A four-year-old boy in Wales has discovered a 220 million year old dinosaur buck

“Dad, look!” Little Lily Wilder said when she saw a strange shape on a beach rock.

The trail is ultimately the 220 million year old dinosaur buck, one of the most well-preserved found in Britain over the past decade.

Lily, four, found the trail on January 23 while walking with her father and dog on a beach in South Wales.

His father photographed the invention, which he initially thought was carved in stone by an artist. When he returned home he showed it to his wife Sally, who remembered finding other dinosaur footprints on the same beach in the past.

(Via Wales Online)

“I saw a fossil identification page on Facebook and posters.” People went crazy, ”the baby’s mother told Wales Online.

He was soon contacted by the National Museum of Wales, which sent a team to take the rock to its workshops.

Although it is not possible to determine the species of the seal, which is about 10 cm long, museum experts estimate that it is a bipedal dinosaur 75 cm high and 2.5 m long.

“This is a wonderful piece,” Carl-James Longford of Wales Archeology told Wales Online.

“I would say it is important internationally, so the museum got it right away […] “I would say this is the best dinosaur track ever seen in the UK in the last ten years.”

The National Wales Museum has been closed due to the epidemic, but he promised it would call Lily and her classmates when it reopens to the public.

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