U.S. Sanctions Zhao Lijian, Seven Chinese Supercomputer Companies: Necessary Measures to Be Followed (Fourth Edition) -Hong Kong Economic Times-China Channel-National Terms

U.S. Sanctions Zhao Lijian, Seven Chinese Supercomputer Companies: Necessary Measures to Be Followed (Fourth Edition) -Hong Kong Economic Times-China Channel-National Terms

The U.S. Department of Commerce announced on Thursday (August 8) that it will add 7 Chinese companies and firms to its list of companies that will be involved in the construction of supercomputers used by the Chinese military, rather than “engaging in operations.” The interests of US national security or foreign policy. “.

(In the second edition, the last paragraph of the “Strategic Competition Act (Strategic Competition Act)” content is included)

(Third Edition, NewShenzhen Shinwe contact clarity)

(Fourth edition, newChina’s Foreign Ministry responded)

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian responded that in order to maintain its technological monopoly and hegemony and to curb China’s growth, the US government has repeatedly generalized the concept of national security, abused national power, abused the list of companies and subjugated all Chinese technologies. It is firmly opposed.

He pointed out that the United States has long imposed a technological blockade on China in the field of supercomputers, but China’s supercomputers are advancing to the forefront of the world due to independent inventions. Controlling and suppressing the United States will not only halt China’s scientific and technological progress, but will also strengthen China’s determination and desire for independent innovation. China will take the necessary steps to firmly protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies.

The 7 companies included in the list of companies in the United States are:

Tianjin Pythium Information Technology

Shanghai High Performance Integrated Circuit Design Center Shanghai High Performance Integrated Circuit Design Center

Sunway Micro Electronics

National Supercomputing Center Jinan

National Supercomputing Center Shenzhen

National Supercomputing Center Wookiee

National Supercomputing Center Zhengzhou

The development of supercomputers is essential for the development of modern weapons and national security systems, including nuclear weapons and hypersonic weapons, US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimonto said in a statement. Authorities will prevent China from using US technology to disrupt military modernization.

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Companies included in the list of companies are U.S. U.S. to buy technology Must obtain a license from the Department of Commerce. Citing those familiar with the matter, Bloomberg said the Ministry of Commerce’s actions would not prevent Tianjin Fideng from continuing to buy from DSMC.

Ginway Communications (D: 300136) issued a clarification announcement on FridayMedia reports indicate that the “company list” includes the names of companies such as “Shenzhen Ginwe Micro Electronics Co., Ltd.”After verification of the company, the above statement does not agree with the facts;Shenzhen Xinwe Micro Electronics Co., Ltd., wholly owned by the aforementioned Sunway Micro Electronics Company.

In addition, key figures in the U.S. Democrats and Republicans are proposing a “strategic competition law” in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at the 8th local time to jointly address issues such as intellectual property. If passed by Congress, the Secretary of State should publish an annual list of all Chinese state-owned companies that have benefited from “stealing” intellectual property but have damaged US companies and businesses.

In response, Zhao Lijian said that China was strongly opposed to the relevant bills proposed by the relevant Congressmen. China’s position on Sino-US relations, economic and trade, Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan issues is consistent. China is committed to developing a relationship with the United States that is non-confrontational, non-confrontational, mutual respect, and victory-cooperation. At that time, China will continue to defend national sovereignty, security and development interests. The people involved in the United States need to look at China and Sino-US relations in an objective and rational manner and stop pursuing related negative bills.

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Responsible author: Lynn Pei

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