Does my card bring new driver black technology? Teach them to significantly improve game performance-

Last year, AMD released the RX6000 series of graphics cards. With its Gen 3 processor, it can enable “Smart Access Memory” (SAM) technology, which allows the CPU to process data directly into video memory, memory I / O delay, and support gameplay will bring significant performance improvements. However, this technology is not unique to AMD. Now, NV supports similar technologies!

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Xingdong Nvidia Series Product Summary

NV’s newly released 465.89 graphics card driver comes with a similar technology called “Resizable BAR” (hereinafter referred to as BAR), which greatly increases the number of game frames! So what should I do? Let’s see.

The BAR feature of the N card allows more efficient processing of data in CPU video memory

What hardware supports BAR?

The first stage feature.withAMDLike SAM, BAR has strict requirements for hardware operating systems. According to NV’s official report, BAR requires AMD operating system 400, 500 series chipsets and Gen 3 CPU or Intel operating system 10th and 11th generation chipsets and CPU support, as shown in the table below.

Sites that support BAR

Next, the motherboard BIOS is required to provide related supportAsus, A.S. Rock,ColorfulEVGAMSIBoth Gigabyte and Gigabyte have their respective motherboards compatible with BAR-supported BIOS. Users can upgrade the BIOS associated with it, and then enable BAR in the BIOS settings, thus completing the site products.

Download the new BIOS update from Motherboard’s official website to add BAR support to the motherboard

Next is the graphics card. Currently, only the N card of the RTX3000 series supports BAR and the associated VBIOS support is also required. Currently, the RTX 3060 already uses VBIOS that supports BAR when leaving the factory. For other graphics cards, you need to upgrade to the latest VBIOS to support BAR. GeForce RTX 3060 Ti, 3070, 3080 and 3090 in this area of ​​graphics cards.

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Generally, the VBIOS of the graphics card is provided by the AIC manufacturer. Of course, if you are an experienced player, you can also upgrade through third-party VBIOS channels and tools. For example, flash the corresponding VBIOS using the N card VBIOS flashlight “NVFLash” provided by TechPower.

Download Enviflash Official Website:

Video card VBIOS included (unofficial, hosted by Tech PowerUp):

It should be noted that the new version of VBIOS controls the mining performance of the NV.

How to open BAR?

First, you need to enable BAR support on the motherboard.

Second, you need to install the latest version of N card driver above 465.89. The download address of the official website is as follows:

Windows 10 desktop standard version:

Standard version of Windows 10 notebook:

After installing the driver, BAR is enabled by default.

In the system information on the drive panel, you can confirm that the BAR is opened correctly, as shown in the image below.

What games support BAR?

Not all games support BAR. As of March 31, 465.89 new drivers had been released, and the games listed below supported BAR, according to NV’s official report.

How big is the progress of opening the BAR?

N.V. The comparison data given by the officer is as follows.The progress made by Bar can be seen to be very obvious.


In general, both NV’s BAR and AMD’s SAM are revolutionary technologies that have transformed the game data I / O process. This black technology greatly reduces the latency of game data and increases the number of game frames, especially the very low frame. Fluently. If you have a compatible graphics card and hardware operating system, you may want to upgrade to driver 465.89 and run BAR for better gaming performance!

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