Crazy OnePlus 8Dx Cyberbank 2077 Edition is official, but you can not keep it

Crazy OnePlus 8Dx Cyberbank 2077 Edition is official, but you can not keep it

OnePlus has developed several special edition smartphones in the past, including the McLaren and Star Wars versions. Now, the company has released another limited edition device.

Cyberpunk-inspired design and accessories

The OnePlus 8Tx Cyberbank 2077 version has arrived in China (via XDA Developers) Some of the most unique design and compatibility accessories are all inspired by the upcoming game of the same name. Sitting on the front is the same 6.55-inch liquid AMOLED screen that attracts the standard model, but the rear panel looks completely different. For example, the camera pump now extends over the full width of the rear panel.

It does not have any additional sensors, however OnePlus added some yellow cyberbank 2077 branding, including the associated logo, ‘Neuroscience Status’ and ‘Netrunner Edition’ branding.

The lower part of the back panel is covered in glossy black glass and features the Cyberbank logo, while the rest of the panel is painted with a speckled gray finish slightly darker than the gray OnePlus logo.

In addition to hardware production, The The OnePlus 8Tx Cyberbank 2077 Edition features the Cyberpunk-themed version of the Hydrogen OS custom UI. It is compatible with the phone and has many stickers attached.

The OnePlus 8Tx Cyberbank 2077 version is available for pre-order on CNY 3999 in China, which is approximately 99,599. Exports start from November 11, and it offers 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

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