Why does the cell phone get hot?


The Technology It is a part of the daily lives of hundreds of people. In this context, a must Go Oh Skills It facilitates communication. However, these are Devices They are not exempt from the problems of suffering, and sometimes they can High heat And present some shortcomings.

Whether by browsing the Internet for long periods of time, by being on multiple social networks at once, by taking pictures, by talking on the phone for long periods of time, or by GPS. Cell phones They can High heat Although it is not dangerous, the increase Temperature Will do Cell phone Work slowly.

One Reasons Important Why a The cell phone heats up Malware or virus has infected the operating system of the device. This type of malicious software is installed Cell phones When unknown applications are downloaded. However, there are other reasons Mobile devices Tend to Hot. In Techbit We tell you.

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Hawaii, a technology company, refers to it Cell phones When can be hot Load, Because chargers provide too much current, which can cause High heat; Because when the wifi signal is weak Phone Increase transmission power; And when Video callsBecause they use the internet and the camera at the same time, it consumes and causes a lot of battery Phone heating.

The Chinese company adds others Reasons why cell phones are hot: When playing music, with long phone calls, during updates, to Applications Runs in the background when downloading apps, using GPS and watching videos for a long time.

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For its part, Apple, an American company dedicated to designing and manufacturing electronic devices, indicates that there are many Reasons why cell phones are hot. This suggests that iOS devices owned by a multinational company should be kept in ambient temperatures between 0 C and 35 ° C, as behavior change on the device can be felt outside this range.

On their support page, Apple Explains some Reasons why an iOS phone is hot These are: when the device is configured for the first time, in the case of recovery from backup, when using applications or functions with high quality graphics, and when applications re-schedule or analyze information; For example, when tagging faces, places, or keywords in photos after a software update.

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In these circumstances, Apple indicates that it is a High heat Cell phones will return to their normal temperature when normal and processes are complete. However, the US company warns that there are other series Reasons why mobiles are hot And exceeding the recommended temperature.

Apple indicates that environmental conditions may also be a factor The device heats up, This will usually cause changes in the cell phone box.

Others Causes of cell phone overheating They are: Leave Device In the car on a hot day, expose it to direct sunlight for a long time, and use some functions for a long time in hot or direct sunlight; For example, using GPS tracking or car navigation or a game with high quality graphics.

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In one of these situations, Apple mentions the support page Go This can have negative consequences. If an iOS mobile phone exceeds the recommended temperature, the screen may turn dark or completely black, the signal may be weakened, the camera may be temporarily disabled, charging may be slow, and applications with graphics may be reduced. High quality.

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Additionally, Apple’s “Temperature: iPhone Cooling” warning message may appear on the device and the screen may be turned off. In this case, it is recommended to turn off Go, Place in a cool environment and let it cool, this way Go It will soon resume its operations.

To control Cell phone temperature, There are Applications Such as “Battery Temperature” and “AIDA64”, which measure the temperature of a device and send notifications when they are detected. High heat.

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