Google is improving its integrated browser with a new navigation menu

Google is improving its integrated browser with a new navigation menu

A new change in the design of the integrated browser in the Google app makes it easy to move between different web pages and is complete: now The navigation and share buttons appear at the bottom of the screen. This new design is starting to become available.

The evolution within Google apps has been significant in recent years, due to the small aesthetic variation that was generally introduced as a test on some users ’phones. That’s it Google has accustomed us to A / P testing, This way Test interface changes Based on showing different designs in search of gaining more acceptance. Now a new browser design has been added with the Google app.

New navigation menu, access to partitions and more

Google integrated browser Left, old browser design; Right, new bottom design

Integrated browser update in Google app is very convenient with the idea of ​​moving between web pages Ease of use without resorting to the main browser. Since opening any web From Discover Or moving between pages other than the one that generates navigation from the search engine, Google has entered Buttons at the top and bottom of the page Not to miss what we have already seen.

Confirmed on 9to5Google, Browser integrated in the application Moved the top navigation menu to the bottom of the screen. There will also be an ‘x’ and a favorite button to close at the top; Top and bottom buttons on the page, share button and Browser menu with additional functions: Update, open in Chrome, translate, search page and settings and send comments.

Google integrated browser

The redesign simplifies the use of the integrated browser and reduces the dependence on the main browser, as Google makes the first one more complete and versatile. This change is already in the Google app Not enabled by default on all phones: Google just needs to run it from its servers. This means that not all users will see the change, and we will have to be patient if the redesign does not already exist.

Via | 9to5Google

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