[Fiches Draft] Zach Wilson (QB), Prolonged or Intermediate Event? | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

[Fiches Draft] Zach Wilson (QB), Prolonged or Intermediate Event?  |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

Zach Wilson – Quarterback – 21 Reply – Junior – Brigham Young (BYU)

Cut: 1 m 90

Weight: 95 kg

Draft rated status: Top 5

Statistics 2020: 247/336, 3,692 yards, 33 touchdowns and 3 interruptions. 70 runs for 254 yards, 10 D.T. 2 receptions for 32 yards.

NFL Comparison: Patrick Mahoms

Points forts

– Accurately passed
– Throwing dynamics
– Movement in the pocket
– Progress

Transformed in 2020, Zach Wilson was able to show the extent of his talent this season. Its accuracy is highly indicative regardless of the distance to be covered. At 65 (!) In 5 yards, he has proven this season that he can put the ball right between the hands of the recipients. It is always reassuring to know that Quarterback can complete all types of passes, and will see that some of the players in the position are such divers in throwing.

Wilson’s other strong point, like Drew Breeze, is movement in the pocket. Because he is lively, he expects pressure with significant calm. He knows when to get out of pocket, taking precious seconds to turn a yard loss into a profit. His eyes are always on the ground, and his concentration is never wrong.

Sin of throw dynamics, he uses his body to the maximum, from the legs to the shoulders through the hips. The dynamics are fast because they are efficient, which allows the tempo to accelerate when needed when the line breaks under the pressure of the guards.

The leadership he showed in 2020 will also act in his favor. He was able to assemble the offensive to create a historic season, and his ability to be followed by his teammates proves his character as an essential element of NFL success.

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Weak points

– Low competition at university
– One year with high performance

Despite his incredible energy, the eruption at the highest level of Zach Wilson raises questions about his true status. There is no shortage of examples of players only having a great season at university and not reaching the expected level, the most recent example being Mitchell Trubiski. Especially as the BYU tax dominated so much in 2020, Wilson performed in a ‘armchair’. But Joe Burroughs is also the “miracle of the year” NFL.

The low suffering the university faces from BYU, which does not belong to any conference, adds to the uncertainty. The much-anticipated clash against Coast Carolina was Wilson’s worst game of the season. Again, Zack Wilson is a dangerous profile, for a player with a high ceiling and a low base.

The last question is, under pressure may Zack Wilson have the tendency to play the hero ball, looking for bigger action than small gain. This is a dangerous game, and for some quarterbacks the NFL is a game. You need to know how to be right, and Wilson needs to learn it quickly.

Possible locations

New York Jets, Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers, San Francisco 49ers

Except for one disaster, Trevor Lawrence will be the No. 1 quarterback in the next draft. Jack Wilson competes for second place in the next draft with Justin Fields and Mac Jones. So jets are a favorite, but 49 players will be in the Falcons, Lions or Panthers race.

Zach Wilson can thrive on a modern offensive, where proliferation is paramount. Although it is mobile, it takes a team with the ability to keep it in the pocket so you don’t have to constantly go out of the pocket or be fined for playing the big game. Basically, don’t do what you’ve been doing for a long time in Seattle with Russell Wilson.

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