California: Serial killer Roger Gibe was killed by a prisoner

California: Serial killer Roger Gibe was killed by a prisoner

03. April 2021 – 9:51 Clock

Were seven young women planned for revenge for several months?

At the end of February, seven-time serial killer Roger Gibe, 81, died in his cell at Muel Creek Prison in California – now his cellmate has admitted to killing his fellow inmate in a letter. Jason P. wrote in his letter that he had been planning this act for months and wanted to avenge the seven people who had been murdered by Kibe. But there was another reason for this action.

Gibe was known as the “I-5 Strongler.”

Roger Gibe was known as the “I-5 Strongler” because his victims were found near Interstate Highway No. 5 – they all strangled (strangled = strangled). Kibe was behind the prison for seven murders, but authorities always suspected he may have committed more murders. They repeatedly questioned Kibe in prison – always without results.

Kibe has always followed the same pattern: between 1977 and 1986 he went to a distant place for victims, all women, for a ride, and raped them there. Kibe then strangles the women and holds a piece of their hair or clothing as a cup.

Serial killer Roger Gibe in 1988

Roger Gibe killed at least seven women between 1977 and 1986.

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The serial killer was found lifeless in his cell

At 81 and without the prospect of early release, Kibe was expected to die in prison – but he had no idea it would come so soon. On February 28, 2021, by the guards, Kibe was found lifeless on the floor of his cell, followed by his new cellmate Jason B. Gibe died at the prison hospital, where authorities suspect a homicide. He died of strangulation – so he suffered the same fate as the victims.

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“Actually, I wanted to have a cell”

Now Jason B has acknowledged this in a letter to The Mercury News. Jason b. Despite being charged with murdering and raping a 14-year-old boy, Roger Gibbe wanted to “take revenge” on the victims, he wrote in his letter, the newspaper said.

He decided to kill himself when he saw the documentary about Kibe on TV. “Actually, my plan was that I switched to a separate battery, so I wanted to kill my cell mate. But it turned out to be my mission to avenge the younger girl and the others affected by Kibei,” said B. Letter.

Jason B. said he was not afraid of the consequences

He won Kibei’s trust only to be transferred to his cell. On the first day the two share a cell, he finally kills Gibe. Kibe was strangled like his own victims.

So far, no charges have been filed against Jason B – despite the confession in the letter. According to “Mercury News” he writes in his letter that he is not worried about the legal consequences anyway. If the authorities decide to sentence him to death for Gibe’s murder, they can do so safely.

“I hope he remembered every one of the victims when Kibe died.”

Vito Bertocchini, the detective who worked his life in the Gibe case, who has always suspected that there should be more victims, told the newspaper that Gibe’s murder was a justice. “I do not want to harm anyone – but I hope he remembers every one of the victims when Kibe died.”

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