The drunken Yeltsin and the nervous Biden mark the fall of their states!  (Video)

The drunken Yeltsin and the nervous Biden mark the fall of their states! (Video)


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28.03.2021. 22:40

The fall of Python signifies that we are in an era of great change.

Yeltsin and Biden

Yeltsin and Biden, photo: description

The United States is a dominant force in the context of seeking solutions to regulate international relations. But these processes will be explained by the design of Western domination and ideological metrics in the context of process management. Everyone goes their own way.

Berlin, August 1994 – The Soviet Union is no more, and the rest of the Russian army leaves the territory of former East Germany half a century later. A new security framework has been established globally. Nothing describes this process other than the behavior of Boris Yeltsin that day.

He stumbled on stage, then read a little, sang a little, stumbled as he walked, and forgot the last name of President Cola in his welcome speech (“My friend Helmut …”). To the delight of the “Cold War winners” all this was able to continue the “march to the East” carefree. At the time, Russia was no match for them.

The last thing that frightened them was the Russian army in Central European countries being loaded onto the tracks to Moscow. Under the action of vodka to the delighted Yeltsin.

It was often said in the 1980s that the Soviet Union was the Upper Volta with nuclear weapons. Officials in some European countries even announced it in the form of quotes. The reality is that, despite all the legitimate problems faced by the communist “superstate in perestroika”, the film from that August day incorporated the above slogan with the image of post-Soviet Russia in the western part of the world.

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Yeltsin no longer takes any of the “important players” seriously in international politics. Therefore, the promises made to the President of Russia (as a rule, oral) are not expected to be infringing, or the obligations to be fulfilled are not understood as new facts. International relations, as a whole, have taken a different direction, the structure of the world political system has become a pole, and the American imperialist team is beginning to spread around the world.

The first association when seeing the fall of Python

This is the first association we see today Joseph Biden He will fall three times while boarding a plane. He was not excited by the vodka and the strong wind hit him! It is increasingly said that “America is no longer a superpower” and is directly declared by (in) even the leaders of important countries. Despite the fact that despite all the problems they face, the United States remains the dominant force in all future negotiations on international security, the film from this March day connects the above assessment with the image of America today as the “rest” of the world.

Biden simply takes less and less “significant players” in international politics. Therefore, no binding agreements are possible with him and no one expects the new administration in Washington to fulfill the considered obligations. Because, in line with the “historic fall”, Biden’s definitive answer to the question of whether he considers Putin a murderer came.

Yeltsin’s problem is that he will negotiate as an equal speaker, reformer, and politician in the West. Biden’s problem is the illusion that the whole world will accept him as an undeniable global leader, a power that qualifies and categorizes the opinions of others, thus imposing conclusions. Yeltsin looked at the world from the angle of the eighties, and Biden looked at the world from the angle of the first decade of the twenty-first century. Although circumstances have changed.

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Just as the first misconception had dramatic effects on future events in Eurasian space, the second would have the consequences of future events on a global scale.

Putin pointed out the differences in civilization

Vladimir Putin’s reaction to Biden’s words is as follows: “Even though they think we are like them, we are different people. We have a different genetic and cultural code of ethics, but we know how to protect our own interests. We look forward to hearing from you. “

That the consciousness of the American elite was shaped by the conquest of the continent associated with the “direct genocide of the Indian tribes” and that “America’s only nation” used nuclear weapons “and against non-nuclear nations” at a time when it had no military meaning.

Putin no longer sees differences from the United States not only through the prism of classical comparisons of military, political and economic power and possible geopolitical conflicts, but also through the prism of historical development and strategic culture, including genetic code. .

The beginning of a new phase

The fall of Biden marks the beginning of a new phase, which may be logical when looking at the broader context of international events over the past decade, in terms of circulating and presenting people with completely different (non-American and non-Western) value systems, communities and individuals. It was the beginning of the rapid representation of the Western monopoly on the definition and resolution of “politically correct”, “democratic and permissible”, “modern and progressive”.

News from China and Turkey

In that, Putin is not alone. On the same day that the Russian president spoke, a heated argument erupted in the opening part of the US-China talks in Alaska, during which Beijing official Yang Jianji denounced Foreign Secretary Blingen, saying that it was the Americans who were violating human rights and killing unarmed civilians, abusing the notion of national security and “their Use military force and financial supremacy to pursue long-term interests and put pressure on other countries. “

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Turkey’s withdrawal from the implementation of the Istanbul Conference is no less important. “Our sincere struggle to bring the status of the Turkish woman in society to the status she deserves will continue while preserving our traditional values,” Vice President Fuad Okte pointed out. Apparently, Turkey rejects the notion of gender equality (neo-liberalism, politics promoted by the West) and the relevant conference adopted it as a framework for resolving issues.

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