Bernie Sanders in Alabama for the idea of ​​the first union champion on Amazon

Un entrepôt Amazon à Staten Island, quartier de New York, le 5 février 2019 (AFP/Archives - Johannes EISELE)

U.S.-elected Bernie Sanders will try to mobilize the reluctant employees of an Amazon warehouse in Alabama on Friday, where a referendum will be held to decide whether to form a union with United, the largest online trading company in the states.

“If Amazon workers in Alabama can form a union, it can be done across the country,” an independent senator from Vermont, an American progressive, said on Twitter.

After months of mobilizing some employees, the Bessemer warehouse’s approximately 5,800 employees are invited to mail a bulletin by March 29 to determine whether they should be represented by a union.

The Seattle group has not officially opposed the unions, but has been campaigning against them. At a site called BHM1, posters in the toilets encourage employees not to get together, as well as the “Do It WithWithoutDues” website.

When Bernie Sanders announced the arrival of rapper killer Mike and actor Danny Clover, a senior Amazon official attacked him on Twitter.

“I often say that we are the boss Bernie Sanders, but that’s not a valid one because we’re really creating a progressive workplace,” consumer boss Dave Clark said paradoxically Wednesday. Of the company.

– Major American employer –

“So if you want to hear about $ 15 an hour’s salary and health insurance, the senator will talk in town. But if you want to earn $ 15 an hour and get good health care, Amazon hires,” he continued.

An Amazon warehouse on Staten Island, New York, February 5, 2019 (AFP / Archives - Johannes Eisel)

An Amazon warehouse on Staten Island, New York, February 5, 2019 (AFP / Archives – Johannes Eisel)

The company repeatedly argues that the company pays its employees twice as much as the minimum wage in Alabama.

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The e-commerce but technology company is the second largest employer in the United States with 800,000 people, mainly workers and technicians in its logistics centers.

Bessemer’s attempt, a platform that makes extensive use of African Americans, has been subject to media and tensions comparable to a political campaign, as attempts to organize the group’s warehouses have failed. Until now.

The American press recently reported that the supply union (RWDSU)’s ability to mobilize the site’s young staff would be voted on without a doubt, which is seen as more reluctant to trust and pay a union than their elders.

Employees who support “yes” want more bargaining power, especially regarding their working conditions, but also finances.

– passing urine –

“I want to know why the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, spends millions to stop organizing workers,” Bernie Sanders told Dave Clark on Twitter.

“We want to know why the minimum wage in Vermont is 75 11.75. The senator has been one of the most powerful politicians (in the state) for more than 30 years,” he said. Amazon Director Thursday.

“The senator must leave his sermons with us until he is equal in the house.”

Amazon has decided to launch an offensive in order to drastically recruit the epidemic within a year, to provide risk premiums linked to Covit-19, and to highlight its role in the limited housing supply with essential items.

“Do you really believe the myth of employees urinating in bottles? If it’s true, no one will work for us,” Amazon’s news account responded to a tweet from an elected Democrat on Wednesday. Anti-union tactics of the group.

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Some employees, especially the delivery men, were greeted with photos and counter-attacks on behalf of journalists and activists confirming the reality of the problem of inflation rates that did not give them time to find their way. Go to the toilet and force them to use plastic bottles.

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