Rabikis released his first E.P.

Who is behind Rabikis and why did you choose this name?
Behind the name Rabikis hides friends, both Ruff and JayH, who are interested in music and have decided to turn it into a career! A duet, but in its sequel, a complete band with 2 guitars, bass, drums and voices.
Our name is more positive than a heavy word. I (JayH) have always nicknamed Rough “Rabiki” … and then we said it was more appropriate for us, this investment and passionate page but always with humor! So we put it in the plural as “Rabiki”.

Can you present to us the first EP you produce and its universe?
Our first EP, pop-punk music, exotic guitar riffs, fast and dynamic drum patterns, a bass played in French selection and voices!
We have always loved this music, we love this style rock pop page and developing it in French is a challenge and fun for us!

How do you write, and what is your inspiration?
It’s mainly JayH who composes different parts and does the topline. Then comes the writing phase, which is done in pairs between Raff and JayH, and finally for the production of the song in the studio.

What do you like about the pop / punk movement, do you think it is adequately referenced?
We have been absolutely fans of this movement since our teens! With its roots page, skater style, no headaches, positive expression and a great music sharing everyone will love it! Pop-punk will give you infinite energy like bringing tears to your eyes, but it will also allow you to express yourself freely.

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What can we know about the tool area of ​​your EP?
Lots of guitars, catchy and catchy riffs, a generic bass with a mediator, a tense and dynamic drums and 2 musical voices wanting to unite to share their music universe!

This E.P. What do you want to bring to the public through?
We had a somewhat utopian dream for many years, and this first E.P. (And the first album that follows it) through which we try to make it come true. We like to open this American pop-punk culture to the French in general, and it’s as crazy important as it is in the Atlantic Ocean! There are already huge groups protecting the rock in the broadest sense in the French language! We want to bring our stone to the building!

What motivated you to do crowdfunding?
It started with the fact that we signed up with a Belgian label (CM Belgium) that trusts us and supports our project. Crowd campaign.
The production of EP, its recording, the shooting of our clips, our music accommodations for concert productions and all our communications are at our expense, so we had to find a way to finance our project.
It is always difficult to ask people directly to invest financially in a project, which is why we have set up so many colleagues that it creates a great exchange between you and us!

A clip is planned, how to imagine it?
The first clip is actually in production, but we can’t tell you more … 🙂

A blindfold to us in your first mission?
Additional songs will be added to this EP with 5 titles in the footer …

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Do you believe you can deliver a concert despite the current environment, and why is the stage important?
Since stage is simply our priority, we believe with all our heart that sharing our music with listeners is the basis of our creativity and why we decided to do this work! A concert release of our first EP is getting ready and we wholeheartedly hope that the health conditions will allow it to be achieved!

What do you want to say to the end?
Our first E.P. And thank you to all who followed us and the people who supported us in this crazy adventure of creating the album!
We look forward to sharing with you (again) on the platform!
Take care of yourself
We love you!

Thanks to Rabikis for taking our interview!
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