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Released November 7, 1980, the most ramshackle music in history, Blues Brothers, Celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2020. The anniversary edition in 4K was released in June

We, of course, remember the mythical card Rolling Stone, Signed by Annie Leibowitz. John Belushi and Don Aigroid painted blue, black pitos and glasses at the peak of their glory. Many today consider The Blues Brothers One of the best music movies of all time, you can prove them right without pushing too hard.

The music is an unprecedented mix of comedy and action film, which is true, the greatest strength: it has a time and an era that, though deeply rooted in Chicago in the late ’70s, is completely timeless and timeless. A plot with a global vibe (a little thug coming out of prison sees the divine light, decides to restore forgiveness by rescuing the orphanage he grew up in from the hands of real estate sharks; for this, he must reform his former soul. The Blues Brothers), With the exception of a hilarious comedy duet and Railroad Beat, the entire film is filmed in real settings with real local audiences and real cops. This “cocktail” only makes it possible to turn the adventures that existed in the beginning into believable ones, which are only several music halls created by two comedians of American television.

Origin of Blues Brothers American John Belushi and his friend Canadian Dan Ackroyd, two young comedians revealed by the satirical radio show National Lamboon, have decided to put on a number of reincarnations as two brothers, Jake and Elwood Blues. Thugs and soul and rhythm my blues lovers in the 60s (this is Don Ackroyd). Their look is directly inspired by bluesman John Lee Hooker.

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They polish their numbers at various levels of the union and are then hired by the NBC channel to warm up the Saturday night live audience of the big Saturday night TV show. In June 1978, as the first part of one of actor Steve Martin’s public appearances, they often appeared during the show and were so successful that they ended up producing. It was a success and, no doubt predictable from the concert recording, the live recording of the briefcase full of blues was released later this year. Unexpectedly, the album peaked at number one on the Billboard 200 and sold over a million copies. For the arrival of two actors, the first brilliant idea was already: to create a background-band made up of the best studios of the Stokes team sizes and the spirit of the original 60s.

In the process, Hollywood gives the perfect scent, and we start shooting a movie next year. The fact that there may still have been only one music nanord turns out to be a total success for the combination of a certain number of ideas. First, according to director John Landis, the original idea had to be “A real music. The characters begin to sing and dance, much like the original form invented on Broadway and popularized by Hollywood. But with a very realistic look.“Then, in terms of music numbers, we hire the biggest names in black music in the last forty years. The cast is simply dazzling: one of the first color “hobbies” is Cape Galloway; Ray Charles, the first black musician to actually crossover with a white audience by singing only his own works; John Lee Hooker near inventor of electric blues; Aretha Franklin, Queen of the Soul and one of the symbols of the liberation of black women; James Brown, who invented the funk and sang “I am black and proud of it”.

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Does all of this The Blues Brothers More than a simple tribute: A true song for African-American culture. The film will also be worthy of resuming the lives of some of these artists. Finally, the last brilliant idea: to use one of Chicago’s most synonymous cities in the United States and to ensure the full and complete cooperation of the authorities and the people, which will allow Landis and his team to shoot everywhere. Optimal conditions, including weekends in the deserted city center. The only hurdle: clean the streets before Monday morning. They can access Joliet Prison, with real prisoners, to film the opening scene of Jake Blues’ release. The building where the famous medical series will take place will also take place later Emergency room, Cook County, involved. Add hints and hits to the collections of twelve, colorful characters played by musicians, one of the most famous chases in the history of cinema, and you get absolutely rust-free pure pleasure.

Forty years later The Blues Brothers Not a little old. After Belushi’s death in 1982, Ackroyd and his team continued to tour and release recordings for The Blues Brothers, a remake of Blues Brothers 2000 – a real one. Nanard, that movie was a hit! – We will see daylight in 1998. During a well-deserved tribute to him by Cinematech, our cinema journalist Mathilde Lorid asked John Landis an important question: To what extent have the Blues Brothers allowed artists to re-launch R&B in American culture? Respondent interested parties: “Don Aigroyd and John Bellucci dominated the rankings when the disco was there to attract the attention of these African-American artists – especially bands like The Bee Keys or Dad. The dialogue “We are in a mission for the Lord” is actually my way of teasing Danny about his interest in this music.“Amen!

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