6 features you may not know about Google Chrome, including covering your browsing sites

6 features you may not know about Google Chrome, including covering your browsing sites

The browser has been updating features in Google Chrome since its launch in 2008

Even if you have been using Google Chrome since it was first introduced in 2008, there are features you may not have found in your browser.

Google is constantly adding new features, while old features are getting lost and forgotten if you do not use them every day. Here are 6 features you may not have realized you can do with Chrome.

1. Switch to guest mode

Guest mode is useful if someone is temporarily borrowing your computer and you do not want them to browse and check all the sites you have accessed.

To use this feature, click on your Google Account Avatar in the top right corner and select the guest mode to switch to.

2. Enable audio and video files

Chrome can do more than open websites. If you drag an audio or video file to a new tab, you can run it directly into your browser until it is in a popular and well-known format.

Since playback controls and features are a bit basic, Chrome will definitely not replace the default media player, but it will help you when you want to quickly open a file on your computer.

Chrome will definitely not change the default media player (social media).

3. Group tabs together

One of the recently added features in Google Chrome is tab editing, which allows you to organize tabs into groups with labels and colors.

Right-click on any of the open tabs and select Add Tab in New Panel to get started. Open the same right-click menu, you can add new tabs to a group and remove tabs from the group. Click and drag the tab panel label to move it, and click once to show or hide the panel.

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4. Send tabs to other devices

If you have a webpage you want to see on your phone or other device, right-click the URL in the address bar at the top of the Chrome interface and select Send to your devices.

In the case of “Your Devices”, any devices you have installed Chrome browser on and signed in with your Google Account. Select one of the options from the menu that appears and the corresponding URL will be sent to the other device immediately.

5. Start where you left off

You do not have to keep Chrome open to avoid losing all your tabs, because if you want, the browser can open the same windows and tabs as when it was closed.

Open the browser menu, select Settings> Startup and proceed to the location where you left off. Also keep in mind that if Chrome crashes unexpectedly (your computer crashes, for example) it will finally try to retrieve all the webpages you searched for.

Chrome browser can be opened with the same windows and tabs as when it was closed (social media)

6. Change the look of Chrome

Undoubtedly the standard look of Chrome is good for most of us, but you can change some aesthetics of the browser if you want to change.

Open the Chrome Web Store Browser menu for new themes and choose Settings, Appearance and Theme. Here you will find all kinds of color themes and works of art from artists, users, and Google, and you can always return to the original look with a single click.

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