How To Track Smartphone Apps That Track You: Go to Phone Settings and Change Now

How To Track Smartphone Apps That Track You: Go to Phone Settings and Change Now
New Delhi: Both softwares are popular all over the world. Including an Android and other iOS. With security in mind, Android is slightly cheaper than Android. Because, there is a risk of hacking it. We often download apps from the Google Play Store on Android platforms that you do not know enough about.

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Where do these applications come from? How long have they been here. How much will this benefit you? We grant permission to install such applications at that time. It asks for permission to access your location, photos and videos. This allows this app to gain more control over your mobile. So you do not notice any application on your phone.

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Find out which apps are tracking you

First, you need to know which applications you have allowed. Follow the instructions for this.

For this you need to go to the settings of the phone. Scroll down. The option of applications can be found here. Tap it.

Now you will find all the apps on your phone here. Now you get many options when you tap any application. One of these would be permission.

Here you will know the application you have selected. What permissions have been granted for that use? If you wish to revoke this permission, click on it. Deny and tap. You can revoke the permissions of the applications as per your requirement.

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Change location settings
Apps know where your real time is because location is enabled. The method to turn this off is also simple.

To do this, first turn on the main screen of your phone. Scroll down the screen. Tap Location for a long time.

On the screen that opens, tap Application Permission. You can see what location the location is always used for. Click on it now. You can disable location.

>> There will be some applications used. They use the location at that time. You can turn off location at this time.

Then go back again. Below this place you will find Google Location History under Location Services. Tap it.

Again you need to select the Gmail account. Select your account in this.

You can delete location history here. This means Google can no longer save your location. Now you can go anywhere. Google does not need to know about this.

A pop-up will appear when you turn it off. You will be notified of the loss related to the location. Read it correctly and tap Agri.

If you want to delete the device’s location history, tap Delete Location History under Location History. Each Google Account history must be deleted individually.

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