Dangerous files stolen from “Apple” and hackers threaten to expose world-shaking secrets

International press reports have revealed that dangerous files have been stolen from “Apple”, revealing many secrets about making its popular products “iPhones”, “MacBooks” and “iPods” tablets.

And publication Network, USA “NBC News”A report citing sources inside “Apple” being blackmailed by a hacker group after dangerous files about its makers were stolen.

He explained that a hacker had stolen files from a company that made “Apple” products, and that the American company was now threatening to expose secrets that could shake the world.

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What methods do hackers use to hunt down victims?

Apple declined to comment on whether it would like to pay hackers in return for not disclosing those secrets.

The American network pointed out that hackers were able to steal files from “Quanta”, a Japanese company that makes a number of “Apple” products, such as “MacBook”, “Mac Pro” and “iPod” computers.

Hackers have released 3 samples of technology files stolen through their blog “deep web” or “dark internet”.

This gang of hackers is considered one of the 10 most dangerous cybercrime organizations in the world, and it is known to infiltrate major companies around the world, and the need for redemption is usually in bitcoin.

The U.S. network says the attack appears to be an attempt to embarrass Apple and the U.S. administration as a whole, according to leaked documents revealing the nature of the collaboration between the White House and Apple.

Apple has not yet announced the extent of the damage caused by the “Quanta” files leak, but it appears to have contained highly confidential information, prompting the US company to keep a lot of secrets in the matter.

A Quanta spokesman said: “We have a strong mechanism in place to protect the security of our information, which can be activated at any time, and there were only a small group of services affected by the attacks.”

The network cites “the behavior of smart hackers as giving Apple very few options,” citing Bert Galloway, who runs cybersecurity firm Imsoft, which tracks ransomware gangs.

He continued: “I think it totally depends on the sensitivity of the leaked data. The release of the information could have a significant impact on a Quanta customer. “

Although ransomware attacks have become increasingly common in recent years, a threatening attempt against Apple is a rare occurrence in which the ransomware mob targets a large American brand and publicly mocks it.

The Apple attack appears to be particularly in line with the Biden administration’s move to address the spread of ransomware, with White House officials saying they will announce a comprehensive ransomware strategy in the coming weeks, with these gangs focusing on bringing international pressure to host countries to stop operations.

Source: Network, USA “NBC News”

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