To commemorate Earth Day, OPPO invites consumers to replace damaged hardware

To commemorate Earth Day, OPPO invites consumers to replace damaged hardware, Earth Day last April 22 reminded humans to care about the environment. As well as with OPPO, it seeks to participate in the celebration of Earth Day, especially those related to the issue of electronic waste.

The OPPO service center invites consumers to come and repair the damaged hardware, which is usually provided to the consumer as proof of replacement.

Then, this defective hardware waste will be processed by a designated waste processing facility by the OPPO Service Center so that it does not pollute the environment when it is thrown away by the consumer.

Consumers who return repaired damaged hardware will be thankful with various exclusive products from the OPPO Service Center.

“This is a small step for the OPPO Service Center to protect our beloved Earth,” said Aryo Medianto A., PR Manager, OPPO Indonesia, in a written statement from Co.

The peak activity to commemorate Earth Day was carried out by the OPPO Service Center on April 21-23. However, this activity will be extended to the next 1 month and end on May 23, 2021 and will take place across the OPPO Service Center network in Indonesia.

At the height of this process, there were even consumers who had the opportunity to receive the OPPO A11k device. Currently, OPPO has a network of 117 service centers throughout Indonesia.

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