Can I collect my PS5 during locking? Game and Arcos updates

Can I collect my PS5 during locking?  Game and Arcos updates

Halloween is a day full of thrills, scares, horror movies and lots of sweets. This Thursday is the day we find out that the UK is going back to a national lock – we will definitely have no problem remembering November 5 this year.

Many things are now in the air as a result of Saturday’s announcement, but for gaming fans, all eyes are now on the next generation consoles, both of which are scheduled to be released during that lockout period.

For those lucky enough to get a PS5 pre-order online, things should not change. All orders must be delivered as they always run November 19 Without you doing anything else. But those who went to a store to pre-order had good reason to be concerned about being forced to close all the shops that were not essential.

To learn more about the PS5, we have you need to know about the upcoming PS5 games and games that are compatible backwards on the PS5.

Can I collect my PS5 on lock?

If you plan to go to a store to collect the console on the day of the release, so far we know what the situation is for collecting consoles.


It will appear Sports Has found a solution to the problem of not being allowed to open non-essential stores – this click and collect hole will allow customers to collect their consoles on the opening day.

Smiths has done something similar in the past, judging from the tweets released by local stores, which will remain the same.

This report only refers to those who still want to pre-order (which has the assumption that there will be more stock on the day of launch), and we understand that pre-ordered customers are now being contacted to pay for the console. This is on November 19th. This will put any sales on the same day, which they will not be allowed to do, and will allow everyone to pick up the PS5 on launch day.

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This also applies Arcos It was, fortunately, clicked and collected long before locking became a necessity – it has been relocated to places where many Argos stores are considered essential with Sainsbury’s and are open.

Argos has been responding to people on Twitter to assure them that collections and distributions will progress further as planned.

So, for now, at least, it would appear that the vast majority of people worried that they might miss playing the PlayStation 5 can breathe a little easier one day. We will keep tabs on the situation and let you know if anything changes.

This seems to apply to the Xbox Series X, which will be released next week November 10.

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