The 12 Biggest Mistakes You Make On Your Android Smartphone

أكبر 12 خطأ ترتكبه على هاتفك الذكى الذى يعمل بنظام أندرويد

Attracts the Android system Smartphone operating system The most common in the world apart from the attention of hackers, fraudsters and advertisers Malicious softwareThere are numerous apps that make money by constantly displaying ads, thus slowing down your phone.

This is where you need to track your mobile phone usage, and the spy apps that track your location may be hidden on your phone, and the following are 12 of the biggest mistakes you can make on your Android smartphone:

Do not use a strong password to lock your phone

While fingerprinting and face unlocking may seem convenient, you can break face locks, fingerprints, patterns and codes without using a 4-digit passcode to lock your phone, but it is highly recommended to use a strong password with unique characters. Your phone is the best.

Do not use antivirus application on Android phone

Although you know that there are lots of malware, adware, spyware and other malicious applications waiting to attack your phone, very few Android users use a paid antivirus or malware application because anti-virus applications may warn you against new malware or other threats built into your phone from undetected malware or other threats. Protecting.

Install applications from unknown sources

Disabling application installation from unknown sources in the Settings menu is highly recommended because this option prevents apps from being installed secretly and installing apps from sources other than Google Play.

Your phone has not been updated to the latest version of Android

If your phone receives security updates or Android version updates, never ignore them. Although updates can take a while to install, it is always worthwhile because malware developers quickly create hacks to exploit known vulnerabilities.

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Use APK files to install applications

If you do not understand how APK files work, it is highly recommended to download apps only from the Google Play Store because there are not many apps on Google Play and you need to download and install the APK file, however, it comes with a set of risks.

Do not read the terms, conditions and permissions before downloading the application

Always make sure to read the required permissions and terms before downloading the app. When an application asks for too many permissions, you should start questioning the reliability of the application. For example, the Wallpaper app does not require access to your contact book or microphone, however, it may require access to your gallery.

Not enough against your phone theft

Whenever you buy a new Android smartphone, run the Google Device Search service because it helps you keep track of your phone if it is lost or stolen, and also protects the lock screen by changing the settings so that no one can turn off the device without data or password.

Use a random charger to charge your phone

As phones with 5,000 mAh batteries have become commonplace, always use high quality adapters or adapters to charge your phone, and it is dangerous to use any random adapter to charge such large batteries.

Never back up your personal data

Your phone may be lost, stolen, or simply broken, and whenever you buy a new one, it is recommended that you keep a backup copy of your personal data because you will not be able to recover your data if you did not save it first.

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Unable to verify list of downloaded applications within settings

Make it a habit to look at the list of downloaded applications within the system, and there are many more malware or spyware that will not create code and hide it on your phone, because when checking the list of fully downloaded applications it will help detect unknown applications.

Never delete old or unused applications

If you have not used an app in a while, it is a good idea to delete it, and if you have some old apps on your phone, delete them, as keeping old or unused apps can take up memory and may not update the malware.

The password for your Google Account has not been updated

Change your Google Account password from time to time, as changing password will protect you in the event of a privacy breach.

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