Under certain conditions, do not force yourself to wear a mask while exercising


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Jakarta – You are normal Exercise By wearing a mask? Health experts warn against pushing yourself too hard amid new rules during Covid 19 infections.

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With the increase in lawsuits in many countries, creating rules can be so drastic that someone has to wear them Mask When exercising even indoors.

In Singapore, which is currently on high alert for Covid 19 cases, only low-intensity exercise is allowed in indoor facilities to wear a mask at all times.

For someone who usually takes classes like spin, zumba and yoga that are considered more serious, it is still possible to wear a mask, however, fitness experts say that people should not push themselves towards wearing a mask while exercising.

“Participants should consider their personal medical history, their experience and familiarity with this type of exercise and the symptoms they experience during class, to determine if it is too severe for them,” said Dr. Gormack O’Muerchard, a sports physician. Channel News Asia.

According to him, people with basic health conditions that affect the heart and lungs should be very careful when doing more intense exercise using the mask.

These conditions include asthma, heart rhythm problems or ischemic heart disease. Those with previous illnesses or injuries should also pay extra attention.

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“Masks increase the work of breathing and increase discomfort until the intensity of the heartbeat or exercise is reached,” Dr. Gormack said.


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