"The Chicago Seven", "Nomlandland" ... Who are the 2021 Golden Globes favorites?

“The Chicago Seven”, “Nomlandland” … Who are the 2021 Golden Globes favorites?

The festival may be virtual due to the epidemic, which should allow Hollywood to celebrate its directors and pay posthumous tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman.

No champagne, no stars on the red carpet, but always a shower of rewards: the Golden Globes Festival may become virtual on Sunday evenings due to epidemics that should allow Hollywood to celebrate its directors and pay a mortal tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman.

The Golden Globes are one of the most coveted awards in American cinema, and this year’s competition for the Oscars can elevate favorites or, conversely, shower their confidence.

As for the 2019 edition, the referee of the Hollywood Foreign Press Club that presented the prizes had a bare nose: all the Golden Globe winners in the cinema category won the Oscars a few weeks later, except for the film music.

Favorite Chicago Seven and Nomlandland

This year, Chicago Seven, A play by Aaron Sorkin on the repression of anti – Vietnam war demonstrations in 1968, and Nomlandland, An anthem directed by Chloe Zhao for the glory of modern hippies, brings America to the crossroads in their vans, both of which have been placed on the Globe for Best Picture due to their current themes.

“If I had to make a prediction … Chicago Seven Said Pete Hammond, an award expert for the specialty magazine Deadline. “Even though the film takes place fifty years ago, it captures the spirit of the times. He shows a lot of stars,” he notes.

Nomlandland The only star for him is Francis McDormand. The Oscar-winning actress shares the screenplay with a bizarre assortment of amateur players who live on the road throughout the year, a move that is “bold” that could put the film out of its competition, says Tim Gray. Variety, Is an important symbol of entertainment in Hollywood. “This is the definition of a small film (…) a film that stays with you,” he explains Chicago Seven Are in the best position to succeed.

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Father, Drowning in dementia in old age with Anthony Hopkins, Promise to the young lady, Feminist thriller, Designated offender Tahar Rahim and Monk, Black and white oats by David Pincher up to classic Citizen Kane, Nominated in this primary category for Best Drama Film.

Night of female directors?

On the director’s side, Chloe Zhao is the most favorite against her rivals. Barbara Streisand, the only female Golden Globe winner in this category, for the music film. Yentl In 1984, but things may change: with the exception of Chloe Zhao, two other directors are running the Emerald Final for Promise to the young lady, And Regina King A night in Miami.

“This is a year with strong images of women … this is good news,” says Pete Hammond, who wants to be careful though. “We’ll see how this happens; at the end of the day, two white men, David Pincher and Aaron Sorkin, can win.”

A black American actor has a good chance of winning the Golden Globe: the late Chadwick Bosman, who died of cancer last summer, especially after playing Black leopard, Signed significant performance in Ma Rainey’s Blues. “This is his best character, and we now know he knew it might be his last appearance, so it’s hard to resist,” Tim Gray analyzes.

A ceremony in Los Angeles and New York

Among the actresses, Gary Mulligan holds the air in his boat Promise to the young lady. She plays a young woman who quenches her thirst for revenge and plays drunk to push men to reveal their wrongdoing. However, along the way he will be with Francis McDormand and Viola Davis in Ma Rainey.

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Unlike the Oscars, the Globes distinguish between theatrical films and comedy. This Port 2, With Sacha Baron Cohen as a fictional Kazakh journalist and musician Hamilton Those who hold the rope in this second category. Sacha Baron Cohen has also been nominated for Best Supporting Actor Chicago Seven.

For the first time in the history of the Golden Globes, the festival will take place between the traditional Beverly Hills Hotel in California, the festival mistress Amy Bohler, and the Rainbow Room in New York. By celebrities including Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. However, most stars need to be satisfied to get their trophy from home.

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