This is a sin: the essential series for the AIDS epidemic in Canal +

This is a sin: the essential series for the AIDS epidemic in Canal +

From laughter to tears. From irresponsibility to fear. The British mini-series “It’s a Sin” will air on Canal + on March 22 and 29. A story centered on the fate of four gay men and their friend Jill in London in the 1980s.

Russell D. Davis signed (Folk query), Available in 5 chapters, That is a sin By the time he entered adult life, he was following in the footsteps of Richie, Roscoe, Colin and Ash in the English capital. This is the age of first love, it seems that everything is possible in the future, but also family tensions. While the majority of society rejects homosexuality, nothing can come of breaking the upsurge of love and freedom felt by this group of inseparable friends.

The news that a new disease is spreading within the homosexual community arouses the interest of some and the indifference of others. But when the truth persists, everything is to take the scale of the misery that lingers on the horizon.

Audiences will recognize many familiar faces on screen in supercharged and poorly moving miniseries, including Neil Patrick Harris (Hi I Meet Your Mom) And Stephen Fry. But the young artists are Ali Alexander, Nathaniel Curtis, Shawn Dooley, Omari Douglas and Lydia West (seen in the series Years and years) It brings a crazy energy to the story.

With That is a sin, Russell D. Davis, 57, This dark period of the spread of the AIDS virus in the 1980s, the ignorance of the authorities at the beginning of the epidemic, the actions taken by the associations to raise public awareness.

Memory works according to him. “I lived in those times and it took me decades to get this series. As time goes on, there is a real risk that this story will be forgotten. So it is an honor to write for those we have lost and for those who have survived,” he explained to the American site. Digital Spy Last December.

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