John Bon Jovi sighs on the ugly side of recovering from hernia surgery


On the podcast ‘Armchair Expert with Dogs Shepherd’, Bon Jovi admits that he realized he had a hernia while helping to keep his charity’s new food bank on Long Island in New York.

AceShowbiz – Rocker John Bon Jovi He is having trouble recovering from hernia surgery because he can’t even take a bath.

The Bon Jovi The man who was at the forefront during the corona virus crisis and his wife Dorothy are busy helping to keep his charity’s new food bank on Long Island, New York, but have stored essential items to help the local community, but the heavy lifting has affected the body of an elderly man at 58.

“We started a food bank on this COVID (epidemic) …” said John Bon Jovi, founder of the Soul Foundation with an armchair expert. Docs Shepherd“Podcast,” so we catered to seven pantries in the summer. You can imagine its size. ”

“My wife and I were just a few people loading these tractor trailers and then unloading these trucks.

“At first I thought I was pretty, ‘Hey, this is my new workout’ until I realized, ‘My stomach really hurts …’ I got a proper hernia.”

The singer was diagnosed with a “pretty bad” umbilical hernia, which occurs when a part of the small intestine pushes through a tear in the abdominal wall near the navel, and he recently went under the knife and fixed the problem.

Bon Jovi is in the early days of the recovery path, but it is difficult for the star to get used to having to give up any physical activity.

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“I can not sing now, I can not work, I can not do everything f ** k. This is so bad …,” he shouted. “I’m on the second day, I can not sing, I can not shower, ‘It’s not fun.’ ”

However, the musician, who has been promoting his band’s new 2020 album online, is delighted to have been able to do his part to feed 25,000 people on East Long Island over the past five months of the epidemic. “It was so awesome, I got a souvenir from this deal … – a good hernia surgery!” He smiled.

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