Director Bertrand Montego “Conan Barbarian”

Julia Rytler and Camille Rutherford in Bertrand Montego's film

As you exit RER A, in Nanderre (Hots-de-Sean), you pass Andre-Malrox Park and walk around the body of water that appears to separate life on earth from hell. But there is no man on the boat on the Styx, and the descent begins on a small steep and wet path leading to the entrance of the artists of Tetre des Amandiers வெள்ள Friday, March 12, at 9 p.m. The man with the beard (brown, numerous) that acts between the stage and the bleachers is called Bertrand Montego. Born in 1981, he is the author of about thirty short films and his first dream, erotic and feverish “feature”, The Wild Boys (2018), with actresses in male roles, the filmmaker was invited by the director of the National Drama Center, Philippe Cusne, the latter was completing his order in Les Amandiers – after Christoph Rock 1There is January.

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In response to a call to create in a theater, Bertrand Montego proposed a “free reading” and feminism Conan Barbarian, American writer Robert E. in the 1930s. Named for Howard’s fictional character and John Milius’ (1982) film. The time of baptism Conan Barbarian, Creative is now called Conan the Diviant. Many actresses play different age groups: Claire Dubark, Camille Rutherford, Sandra Burbait ை “It will be‘ Barbarian and no longer ‘The’: a woman tells about herself through a show from the underworld where she rules, she rules, nostalgia for her own atrocities, Asks Bertrand Montego explains “Plain excess malice” Early creation, adapted into cinema with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Feminization is eroticism, which in an eccentric or brilliant vein is to take an opiate look at the chain of barbarism perpetrated by men from the beginning of time. Bertrand mixed the shooting and his battle scenes on the Montego film with his Super-16 camera, courtesy of the ultra-beautiful images. If we recognize his aesthetic at first glance, it will be overcome by the tissues of influences that belong only to him, the first poet, singer and punk director of erotic Japanese cinema F.J. From Osang, to Jean Cocteau to Canadian filmmaker Guy Madin, to Federico Fellini to David Lynch.

“Mice are my abyss”

Team Conan, Produced by Emmanuel Summet (XI Films) and Antoine Garnier (RP Films), acquired the National Drama Center of Nanderrey in November 2020, until the male toilets and their sequence urination There is no future. A small number of collaborators, loyal to Bertrand Montego, take part in the adventure, along with some newcomers such as theater playwright Marion Stofflet. On the big stage, we find the locations for the previous day’s shooting, the contraction of the bodies, more or less distorted, as well as a pool of red water under the filter of a projector, which rises to the throne “Queen of the Barbarians”.

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