Why did Anna Farris leave ‘Mom’?

Anna Farris He played the role of Christie on the CBS sitcom Mom For seven years. Why did he leave the series? The Showbiz cheat sheet is visible here.

Anna Farris as Christie in ‘Mom’

Anna Farris in 2018 |  Paul Archulatta / Film Magic
Anna Farris in 2018 | Paul Archulatta / Film Magic

Mom First aired in September 2013. Farris plays a single mom named Christie, who is trying to relax and get her life back on track. When she least expects it, her estranged mother Pony comes into the picture (the alcohol she recovers from). At the beginning of the series, Christie has been clean for four months. She is challenged to balance life as a single mom, temperance, and her mother.

Anna Farris says her ‘mother’ character is flawed


Farris tells her Mom The character, Christy, has a lot of flaws. In a 2013 pop sugar interview, Farris joked: “No matter what struggle you face, Christie has them all. Her ex-husband, Chris Broad, says the character was just like himself. After reading only two pages of the script, he encouraged her to accept the role. .

“Christie is very dimensional,” Farris continues. “I think we can all relate to her.” When asked if there are any parts of his life that reflect the show, Farris says yes. “Moms come in a certain way under your skin,” he says. “My mom is very supportive and amazing, but she has strong opinions about everything I wear, such as how to clean the sink.” Since Faris’ son was a child at the time, she says her mother would give her a lot of advice.

Why Anna Faris left ‘Mom’

Why Anna Farris decided to leave Mom Seven years later? The Hollywood Reporter This suggests that COVID-19 has nothing to do with anxiety. It’s time for Farris to move forward with other opportunities.

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“In the last seven years Mom They were some of the most fulfilling and rewarding things in my career, ”said Farris The Hollywood Reporter. “I thank Chuck so much [Lorre], Writers and my wonderful actors who have created a truly amazing work experience. My journey as a Christian ends and allows me to pursue new opportunities that I will be rooting for next season watching for my TV family. ”

What will happen to ‘Mom’?

The release said the show will continue. It is said that Faris’ character will not be reconsidered. Alison Johnny will lead the show as Pony.

Warner Bros. TV and Chuck Lore Productions said in a statement that Faris was the only person they imagined playing Christy. “It simply came to our notice then Mom, Anna was the first and only choice for Christie’s character, ”they said. “We are very proud of the stories we have been able to tell in Anna’s seven years with us. We congratulate Anna and thank her for her beautiful portrayal.”

What’s next for Anna Faris?

Now Farris will not return Mom Cast, what’s next for her? The actor did not miss a single beat. Next, he will appear Summer Madness.

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