Paramount + announces war on Netflix, Disney + and HBO Max with unexpected announcements

Paramount + announces war on Netflix, Disney + and HBO Max with unexpected announcements

Paramount’s streaming platform relies on its primary owners to announce its future series and movies.

If it lags behind in competition, Paramount + will finally allow it ViacomCBS to start the streaming battle. Scheduled to launch on March 4, 2021, this expansion and rediscovery of CBS All Access, however, has provided the means to find its place in a highly competitive environment.

In fact, the stage has confirmed that most of its upcoming blockbusters will be available there forty-five days after the theatrical release. Without sound2 Or Task: Impossible7.

Beyond the fact that this call product is debatable, Paramount + still has a beautiful cinematic tradition that allows it to deliver No less than 2,500 images In its streaming service. A boon for traditional cinema fans, especially since Major has specialized in quality physics versions for a number of years, ensuring good remasters in HD and 4K in its classics.

However, Paramount + mainly uses its investor conference to announce its original works. A quick overview of what awaits us, Among known owners, impossible remakes and wonderful surprises.

Photo Hollow ReachFinally MasterKeef on our screens?


Expected by all fans of Microsoft video game, Direct-action adaptation of Hollow Launched by Amblin TV. Originally scheduled for Showtime, the series eventually moved to Paramount +. It is set to release in 2022 and will feature lead actor Pablo Schreiber (American gods), Which will provide its features to the popular masterkif.


Within the Viacom CBS joint venture, Paramount is associated with Nickelodeon, Popular children’s TV channel. Paramount + thus will have a series of tons for kids, Sponge In Avatar, the last Airbender.

By the way, Paramount + will get the chance to air an amazing remake Wet, The mythical creation surrounding children in the 90s is bigger than they appear. If 3D animation leaves anything to be desired, specific designs of the original series should be allowed to find new audiences.

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Star Trek

Still nostalgic, Paramount + wants to trust ownership Star Trek. Finally focusing on the latest series Discovery, Picard And Lower sites, The streaming site will feature all of Jean Rodenbury’s works related to the universe, from movies to old TV productions.

Also, this service will allow the licensing of SF To continue its expansion, With an animated series called Prodigy, But with Strange new worlds, Looking back at the start of the Captain Bike (found in Star Trek Presented by J.J. Abrams) and Spoke.

Kingstown Mayor

With Commonwealth And River of wind, Screenwriter and director Taylor Sheridan has become a fantastic new voice in American cinema, exploring his country’s original traumas in stories as horrific.

With the help of Antoine Fua (Training day, Balancer), Will create a series entitled Author Kingstown Mayor, Whose story promises “Connected in a City to Investigate America’s Biggest Mistakes”. Shoraner will find actor Jeremy Renner for the show. Suffice it to say we can’t wait to see this attractive project.


The Real Treasure of Sitcom, Series Frasier Completed in 2004 after massive success. Paramount understood the role of this cult, and proposed to Kelsey Kramer to accept the role of Dr. Crane. For a renaissance. An announcement is more than unexpected, but it proves that Paramount wants to re-type yesterday’s old wins to recycle its list, which it hopes will be transformed into tomorrow’s new wins.

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Remakes and series

By digging into its list, Paramount did not choose remakes of its seventh art classics. Studio Creation Offer Series based on its intellectual properties, As The man who came from somewhere else. The cult film of Nicholas Rock starring David Bowie will go into serial form, with Civetal Egiofer playing the lead role.

Not only that Gold menu (Remake on the title already Italian work), Flash dance, love story, Dangerous bonding And Due to a massacre The series goes through the box. Suffice it to prove once again how closely intertwined cinema and television are.

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