Denies Arcond’s choice

Denies Arcond's choice

You can not know how happy, reassuring and comforting this news was to me: more than three years after its release The fall of the American Empire, Denise Arcond has received a green light from Sodek for funding her next film: Arranged.

Yes! A man, white, transgender, gay, over 50 (he will be 80 in June) can still make movies in Quebec.

What makes me happy above all else is that in this era of utter nonsense political correctness, we never need Denise Arcond’s cynical, vague and vicious vision.

The goal

As I read the summary of Denise Arcond’s film, my toes turned: “In this new opus, political correctness, identity change, all sorts of demonstrations, cultural frauds, activism and other media storms form the background of a touching story of an old man, he no longer believes in humanity Does not have, but will find new identities, thus his pleasure ”.

What? Is Denise Arcand going to present to us her vision of the awake movement, her vision of the little rabbits, and her vision of the baldness of that time? I can not wait, I count sleep …

Denise Arkand has always been an uncompromising mirror to the Quebec community. It scares us, we don’t always like the image it sends us back, but we can never be blamed for not getting it right.

In his films, it is almost a clich to say that he planned everything. No other Quebec filmmaker understood his people, and his time was very intense.

Regian Pathovani It notifies the Charpone Commission, Comfort and indifference This announces our post-poll fatigue (PQ behind QS in voting intentions!) …

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Arkand was there too Dark age, anticipating the controversy of the uOttawa word beginning with “n”, in a hilarious scene about the use of “non-words”.

Hope this next Arcand will be a great crew. There we will find Arkand, his bad comments, about the disappointments of people who have twice said no to our universities or to themselves, which offers “the best collective bargaining agreement in North America.”

Ever since the epidemic began, I have felt myself in a Denise Arkand film. It’s not just because we get vaccinated on a large scale at the Olympic Stadium!

In this time of contagion there is a fatigue, a disappointment, a withdrawal within himself, which reminds me of his universe.

Do You Remember? Dark age When Mark Laprache was in the car with his teenagers holding headphones? Didn’t those months we spent, each in his jar, look like prisoners on our screens?

The Last Wills

In 1986, in The fall of the American Empire, Arcond wisely triggered the AIDS epidemic, with the character of Yves Jax.

But after 35 years, how will he see this other virus?

I can’t wait to read Arranged Denise Arcond’s … a legacy to see him leave us.

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