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Richard Butler, singer, songwriter

The Psychedelic furS are very confusing when we start. Mostly we were very drunk and the whole scene was a little confusing. You can come on stage and make the noise you want. When we played Roxy in London, there was a vacuum cleaner in line, which was bad, but people seemed to like us and kept coming back.

We were a cult group – dark, alternative and mysterious – but the recording company was confident in raising us, so we didn’t have to succeed outside the gate. Beautiful In pink Came during the sessions for our second album, Speech, speech, speech, In no time our sound was more focused. Roger Morris and Duncan Gilburn had gone home, and the four of us were left. John Ashton and [Butler’s brother] Tim Velvet tapped around the underground type riffs, and suddenly there was a riff in Pretty’s pink. I sang a melody to it, and the song came together the same evening. Then I went home and wrote some songs.

To me, Pretty in Pink means someone is naked. It’s about a woman who sleeps a lot so she thinks she benefits, while people talk about her behind her back and laugh. “All her lovers talk about her notes and the flowers they don’t send” – they have no respect for them. The line “She wants to be a woman” suggests that she lives the way society tells her, but it does not make her happy. I want her to think that she is happily married. Autobiography on teasing, grief and general malaise and depression.

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Molly Ringwald is our biggest fan, she sang the song to John Hughes and said, “You have to make a movie based on this.” It was bizarre but very lucky. Beauty in pink Not my kind of film. It gave us a lot of revelations, but a mixed blessing. We had to re-register The song for the film, which was a big hit for the second time, was the best of the original. The film has nothing to do with the song, in a way it is normal. Not really about someone wearing pink.

Steve Lillywhite, producer

Their catchphrase “pretty messy”, the first album included it. Punk A rebellion against the music that had gone before, but the psychedelic furs were different – they were crowded. Jam Never congestion! Furs’ six-piece line made a thin, high psychedelic sound possible. No one cared that the royalties should be divided into six. Not everyone is bohemian and worried about the future.

We recorded it in RAK studios. Pretty’s Pink Roger combines knitted guitars – I only knew the dog – and John, the best, rated guitar player. I remember Duncan playing a piano rif that sounded like Eric Clapton’s Layla. We changed the melody of the third verse slightly and spent more time on the voices. I remember Richard recommending the song, “Isn’t she e-Aussie, or not? Beautiful inside Pink?”With a different scan, it was much better. As a producer, I was the captain of the ship and guided it, but the song didn’t need much through decoration. Vince Eli did a great job on the drums. Richard and Tim would argue like brothers when they return from the pub, but that tension ignited the records.

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Second [1986] Version [produced by Charles Harrowell] Not a hair out of place. It’s like Bruce Springsteen’s American born or David Bowie’s “Heroes”, the biggest songs of the time. I like the drop in the third verse because it gives the song a go somewhere else, but my main strength is that it doesn’t really sound like psychedelic furs. Miles is better in the original voice because it’s not like Richard is doing it again.

I did not know it was a possible smash, I did not realize it when I recorded the box ‘ The fairy tale of New York Or U2s New Year’s Day. You raised your head to your ass as you made an album. On the first album, Richard sang “Stupid” so many times that it was like 20. For the second album I said: “Reduce the idiots!” But Richard is a great songwriter. I always tell artists: “You don’t have to tell people what the lyrics are.” Then you can explain to them how people like it.

Psychedelic Forces Ambassadors for National Album Day on October 10th. Their new single, False Train, will be released on October 30 in Cooking Vinyl. The album, Made of Rain is now over.

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