‘Euphoria’ star Lucas Cage applauded the director for insulting his apartment

‘Euphoria’ star Lucas Cage applauded the director for insulting his apartment

‘Euphoria’ star Lucas Cage applauded the director for insulting his apartment

An untitled director insults the actor who plays Tyler in the successful HBO series during the Zoom audition, although the 25-year-old star effectively hits him.

AceShowbiz – In this new era where almost everything is done one may have to know the proper zoom etiquette. A director was openly insulted “Ecstasy“The star Lucas CageDuring the zoom audition the apartment, the 25-year-old knocked on his door.

Taking his Twitter account, Lucas shared Clip From the said audit. The actor, who plays Tyler in the hit HBO series, can be seen getting ready for his virtual audition when the director makes a harsh comment to a third person regarding Zoom.

Forgetting to turn off his mic, the untitled director said, “These poor people live in this little apartment. You know I’m watching his background and he has his TV …” Lucas quickly responded jokingly, “It’s **** y Apartment. Give me this job so I can get a better job. ”

He immediately expressed regret directly by saying “So, very sorry” and “Martified”. Lucas said it could help improve his living conditions by playing well and hiring him.

However, that did not stop him from posting on Twitter. Writing in the title of his post on the Blue Bird app, Lucas shared tips for “talking” directors. “If PSA is the director you are talking to, be sure to disable urshit in zoom endings,” he said.

Fans quickly rallied behind the actor as someone said, “I do not know how people can talk about the living conditions of others. Have they never been in a similar situation? Have they lived their whole lives or in some rich house?” Someone, meanwhile, asked Lucas to drop the director’s name.

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“The weird thing is, you can’t really say anything about your apartment at this point. It’s so beautiful to me. You might live in a palace penthouse, with you and your camera set up next to your TV. What did the director complain about?” Another user chose.

Although Lucas did not reveal the direction, a fan said it was “Kingsman: Secret Service“Filmmaker Matthew Vaughn said on Instagram,” I firmly believe the director is Matthew Vaughn talking about him on Zoom. He was heard talking several times January Jones Confirms it. “However, some still said it was not come.

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