Call from London – Try the online mode preview of Watch Dogs: Legion of Liberty-Cameractor-Watch Dogs: Legion

Call from London - Try the online mode preview of Watch Dogs: Legion of Liberty-Cameractor-Watch Dogs: Legion

If there’s one best-known feature of Ubisoft, it’s Open World Games. Last year they launched “Assassin’s Creed: Viking Age”, “Legend of Phoenix” and “Watchdogs: Legion of Freedom” worldwide, although Ubisoft has its own arrangements for open world projects (e.g., “Polar War Howl” 6)). The last of the above three games hides a hand: Online mode. “Watchdogs: Freedom Legion Online” is basically the “GDA Online” version of “Watchdogs” .We spent a few hours before the release date to see if this mode could be included in the overall project’s massive project. .

Online mode is an independent experience, but to access this mode you must have the game “Watchdogs: Legion of Freedom”. If you have played the main game, an understanding of the game dynamics and the map of London would be helpful, but it is by no means the most important. You can enter “online” mode from the main menu and then create your own Tedsek system in it to counter the continuous upsurge of the private military company “Albian”. This means you have to hire a lot of agents from the bottom of the street to fill your queue.

The basic style of watch dogs: Legion of Liberty online is very similar to the main battle, but this time, you are not alone. There will be other players roaming the streets. Each has their own TedSec system and team of agents. You can work together on matching tasks, city activities, or causing damage along the streets of London.

As for the game dynamics, there is really nothing to report: Online mode is a co-ed version of Watchdogs: Legion of Freedom. You can use this sandbox as a personal playground, hack into the world, hire anyone and even play a series of online experiences. To make things better, the game works just like Watchdogs: Legion of Freedom. The world is still beautiful, full of bright colors and streets everywhere. Most importantly, these servers seem to perform better I rarely see delays or disconnections when playing games.

However, the real difference lies in the available cooperative tasks. From what I can see, three types of activities need to be lined up: a collaborative mission with at least two players; Very challenging tactical operation with at least three players; And Spiderboat Arena PVP mode. The theatrical list of collaborative works is basically a small collection, stacked as a series of sequences, to bring in a few hours of interesting, story-themed journeys. Tactical action is the hard core version of this, which you still need to integrate as a team so you can finally eliminate enemies like boss monsters. Spiderboat Arena, on the other hand, is a small PVP event where deadly spiderboats can fight each other on a small map — basically what you imagine.

Watch Dogs: BrigadeWatch Dogs: Brigade

As I mentioned earlier, you can go down the streets alone and complete a single step – even if these steps appear to be very flat. This may include the release of prisoners, the handing over of packages, the theft of someone’s cell phone, or many other things, but it will take a long time to complete and you will not be excited about all the benefits. On the other hand, city activities such as Watchdogs: Liberty Legion Online public activities similar to Destiny 2, and you will see a pop-up window on the map where players will gather to complete the operation. Our experience in urban operations and the elimination of a super complex enemy that caused trouble for some reason is very interesting to complete this task.

The upgrade mode of the online mode comes from its quarterly design and battle pass system. You cannot equate yourself. Instead, you will gain a reputation. You can upgrade your battle pass to unlock rewards like styling, influence, eto and many other items. Influence is the currency needed to hire new agents or get new upgrades, while Eto’o is the currency used to buy decorations from sports stores. At the end of each season (approximately 4 seasons per year), the new war pass will take effect and the war will resume.

However, the most unusual part about Watchdogs: Legion of Freedom is how the operating system works. In online mode, as in “GTA Online”, it would be more appropriate to have a character that can be played and enhanced – but instead he uses the same game as the main game, which means there is one drawback that allows you to focus and nurture hard individuals. Personally, I like to dedicate myself to balancing a role and moving forward. The absence of this part feels extraordinary and loses the feeling of sinking. Strangely, this is not even a very different part, because your agents will not die in online mode like they did in the main game. They will only be arrested or unavailable for a short time, but the important thing is that if you appoint them, they will always be part of your organization. This kind of confuses the purpose of the high-risk, high-reward recruitment system. Initial campaign.

Watch Dogs: BrigadeWatch Dogs: Brigade

From the moment I used the online mode, an idea came to my mind – is it better to use the design of the “Hunter” series or even “The Siege”? “Grand Theft Auto Online” reflected the effect well, but “Watchdogs: Legion of Liberty” and its recruiting characters performed well in co-op games. This online model may have reinforced its true characteristics as it focuses more on simple collaboration through the Sandbox online experience. I’m not saying it’s not good or fun, but I was able to explore Watch Docs ’main game: Legion of Liberty as a co-op mode would be most appropriate for this type of experience.

Anyway, “Watchdogs: Freedom Legion Online” is expected to become an exciting addition to the already interesting game. However, I would still say that this is an additional complement to the main campaign, and if players want a new “watchdog” experience, they may be disappointed. It seems that there are still many areas to look forward to, but at the same time it is still difficult for me to see that this immediate service model has a basis for longevity.

Watch Dogs: Brigade
Watch Dogs: BrigadeWatch Dogs: Brigade
Watch Dogs: BrigadeWatch Dogs: Brigade

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