Bradley Peel reveals just 3 players he has yet to reach

Bradley Beal est de plus en plus frustré chez les Wizards

The best scorer in the league this season, Bradley Peel has had an excellent personal campaign. Nonetheless, the backers know they can do it even better, especially collectively. He released three players he had not yet reached.

For Bradley Peel, this 2020/21 season is pretty weird. Despite his tremendous attacking strength (the best scorer with an average of 32.9), the Wizards have 10 wins from 17 defeats at the bottom of the Eastern Conference. But, it is important to note that Scott Brooks’ men have been in the line of 4 wins so far the best!

It’s almost a miracle when you look at the state of this team a few weeks ago. However, Davis Bertens regained his address and Russell Westbrook withdrew his colors on the backcourt page. Add all this to Peel’s excellent position, and their successes are no longer surprising.

However, there is always room for improvement. That, Peel seems to understand. He has no way to relax after a great start to the season and he wants to constantly improve his impact. Dangerously, it is difficult to do better, but defensively, as well as in the locker room, there is room for improvement.

In an interview NBC Games, He reveals three players he wants to achieve:

What James Horton has been doing for the last two years is destroying the league. When Kevin Durant won his highest-scoring titles, he also destroyed the league. As for Steff Curry, you know. I want to be in a position to destroy the rest of the league. I haven’t come yet.

The 27-year-old is not satisfied with his interesting performances. After all, he wants success, which starts with taking the guides to the playoffs. But that’s just the beginning:

Yes, I have good stats, I put in the effort, I give everything I have, but I still have the feeling that I can do more. I can become more regular. I can do a lot more on the ground, from which I am still a long way off. It’s a challenge, and you know I like it.

Is it the start of his season? Better and still Bradley Peel firmly believes he can do better. Good news for mentors, less competition.

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