Rosier kills Warriors on the bus, Washington does not stop

CQFR : Rozier tue les Warriors au buzzer, Washington ne s’arrête plus

Overnight results in the NBA

Warriors Hornets : 100-102
Heat Lockers: 96-94
Kings Bulls : 114-122
The suns Chrysalis: 128-97
Guides Blazers: 118-111

The heroic Roger shoots the end of the match at the Diamond

– It’s harder to complete more dreams than that Tremond Green And the Warriors against Charlotte tonight. With 10 seconds left and Golden State leading by two points, things got worse following a jump ball between Green and Gordon Howard. When they both had their hands on the ball, the Reefs gave the Hornets more time than just whistling another jump ball. What keeps Tremond with him to the point of making two technical mistakes in a few seconds – first to insult the opponent, second towards the referees – and should be eliminated.

Behind, Terry Roger (36 points) Wore his super opportunistic attire. Charlotte Point Guard not only equalized for two throws but also returned to win the basket in a big blur!

– Without Stephen Curry, Sick, Five of the Warriors still had a funny face: Michael Mulder, John Toscano-Anderson, Andrew Wiggins, Kelly O’Brien, Tremond Green. For a while, we thought it would be enough to beat the Hornets …

Stephen Curry and Tremond Green accused the Warriors of malpractice

The guides are finally launched

– Suddenly, we’re not talking about a trade anymore Bradley Peel… The Washington Wizards had their 4th win tonight, while they finished with 6 consecutive wins for the Portland Trail Blazers. It felt like a roller coaster ride as one team clearly dominated the other every quarter until Washington finally delivered. Bradley Peel’s 37 points and Russell Westbrook’s new three – 27 (27 points, 13 assists and 11 rebounds) are no longer in the vacancy, which helped the guide greatly.

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There is still work to be done, but the 8th place currently occupied by the Nix is ​​not yet available, especially since Washington played three games less than New York …

– After 15 days of full glow, Damien Lillard Talent was low that night. Despite her 35 points and 12 assists, “Lady” … shot at 10/30.

Lavin is difficult to get out of ASG

Zach Lawin He does everything he can to convince coaches that he has a place in the All-Star Game. The Bulls’ best player this season is once again very determined in Chicago’s victory over Sacramento. Lavin scored 38 points at 15/20, while extinguishing the Kings’ last hope of coming back in the last minute of the game.

The lockers are approx

– Without Anthony Davis, The lockers are sticking out their tongues and it starts to show. The remake of the last NBA Finals turned in favor of the Miami Heat against the California. The same LeBron James (19 points at 7/21) could not keep LA in the game. Good protection from the heat as its spirits begin to return slightly after the failed start of the season, thus pushing the dominant champions to 39%.

– Anthony Davis was able to stand still in this game. No one understands why “AD” on the bench changed his T-shirt three times during the meeting when he was not on the field …

Chris Paul preceded “Big O”

– Sun had a beautiful evening. They took a healthy walk against the harmless Chrysalis, while breaking the owner’s record by 3 points, hitting 24 baskets at 52% efficiency. Separately, some had a good time. Chris Paul, who provided 6 assists, had the opportunity to overtake Oscar Robertson, the 6th best graduate in NBA history. Since CB3 has repeatedly agreed with “Big O” as a model early in his career, we imagine that it was a special moment that preceded him.

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