Andre Drummond’s distorted statement for his first press conference in LA

Andre Drummond's distorted statement for his first press conference in LA

A few days after his arrival was announced, Andre Drummond attended his first session with the Lakers on Monday. Opportunity to address the press with strong words. Entrance.

Andre Drummond is no joke here. In the closet for weeks in Cleveland, he killed time while waiting to be traded or released, and finally saw the challenge he had been waiting for. For the first time in his life, the former pistons are clearly aimed at the title.

Adjustments that come with the role of changes, new responsibilities and challenges for the 27-year-old. But his first visit to the press on Monday evening was not enough to panic if we mention it. From the beginning, Drummond declared color:

Andre Drummond has only one goal with the Lakers: “I have nothing but success here”.

As his motive was clear, the big man responded with half a word Criticism of his defense, And further elaborates on its ability to be at the level of a competitor. Again, no doubt with friend Andre:

Andre Drummond says he hopes to “make a fuss of fraud” for the Lakers.

“I think our security will be frantic when all of these individuals return,” he said.

Is true LeBron James And Anthony Davis, Angelinos already have 2 top defenders. A plague like Dennis Schrடர்der, a poor man like Alex Caruso, a pit bull like Montreal Harrell, and Andre Drummond seem to amaze us all, which looks good on paper.

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Like the new guys, Andre Drummond achieves full confidence and the desire to explode everything. Be careful, this is usually more complicated in the field than a press conference …

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