Alejandro Kirk may start the MLB season

Alejandro Kirk may start the MLB season

Last year, Jayce Alejandro promoted Kirk to the Majors, giving him a taste of the big league experience. The receiver is a good opportunity for the Toronto team, and although we can only consider the thinnest model (nine games and 24 at-bat) native to Mexico’s Tijuana, now a .400 Trail balance averages three points in addition to hitting a homer.

Still, it’s hard to say if he’s ready to be a part of the big club now. After all, Kirk is still young (22), and with the exception of one twist, Danny Johnson will start this season as Jays’ first recipient. So, we may wonder if it would be better for the youngster to return to the minor leagues to adjust his growth.

However, Ross Atkins has pointed out that a scene entering the Kirk season in the Majors cannot be ruled out. Attention, he will not be the team’s starter behind the plate, but only to replace Johnson.

In conclusion there are two aspects to consider: the idea of ​​continuing his growth at the AAA level full time, as I explained to you earlier, will benefit him, but as Kirk proved last year, his feet are important. Despite his minor defensive weaknesses he can provide a good boost to Jayce.

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However, the fact that he is considered for a position with the big club today is a testament to his progress during the season. In fact, remember itLast December, it was believed that there was no chance of seeing him Show Since the start of the 2021 season, But this scenario now seems to be under consideration.

In short, it remains to be seen where Alejandro Kirk will play in 2021, but one thing is certain: his progress allows him to be in the conversation for a role in the Majors, which we did not believe was possible two months ago …
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