Meski telah dilengkapi fitur keamanan enkripsi, bukan berarti WhatsApp terbebas dari aksi peretasan. Kenali tanda-tanda WhatsApp disadap orang berikut ini.

5 signs of WhatsApp being mistaken by others

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Instant messaging service Share There is still a medium for sending messages that is widely used by people all over the world. Even on the Google Play Store, WhatsApp has been downloaded by more than five billion users.

WhatsApp says there are security features though Encryption, But that doesn’t mean it won’t get rid of hacking.

When accounts are tapped, hackers can monitor the activity Realism You are on WhatsApp, track personal messages, sleep patterns and more.

To do this, identify the signs that WhatsApp people are being mistaken for to avoid unnecessary things:

Dangerous hacker data theft-conceptPhoto: Istakphoto / Jijian
Identify the signs that WhatsApp is being mistaken by people.

1. Sign out of WhatsApp account automatically

WhatsApp cannot be used on two cell phones at the same time. If the same number is used on another device, the user’s WhatsApp account will be automatically logged out.

If the same number is registered on another device, a warning will appear on the cell phone as follows:

“Your phone number is no longer registered on WhatsApp on the phone. You may have registered it on another phone. If you did not do this, check your phone number to get back into your account.”

If you receive a notification without realizing that the same WhatsApp number has been entered on another device, do not press OK.

Instead, you need to press verify so that the WhatsApp account does not move to another cell phone.

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If the transfer is done by yourself, of course you must select OK so that the account can be used on another device.

2. Receive OTP exports

If the account is automatically logged out and the user receives the OTP code sent to the cell phone, do not give this six-digit code to anyone for any reason.

If the user suddenly gets the OTP code and exits the app automatically, there is a chance that the WhatsApp number will be cloned by someone else.

However, to clone a number, the perpetrator must access the victim’s SIM card for cloning.

The sender may pretend to be the victim’s friend and ask them to send the code because it is difficult for them to log into the WhatsApp account. This is one of those traps and there may be a variety of other traps that call key to the six codes.

3. The message is read

WhatsApp DescriptionPhoto: istockphoto / oatawa
Description. If the message reads automatically, it may be a sign that something is wrong with WhatsApp.

The next sign of WhatsApp hijacking, the news read. This means that the user’s WhatsApp account must be used on the WhatsApp web using a QR code for the WhatsApp clone application.

Signs of a WhatsApp account being cloned using an app like this, if you see a message read even if you have never opened it.

Reading messages are marked by two blue ticks on the bottom right of the message.

However, you can disable this flag in the Settings section. If this warning is not enabled, the user will not be able to see whether the message has been read or not.

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4. Send messages that users have not sent

Another sign that WhatsApp has been tapped is that messages are being sent to some contacts without us knowing.

5. Although the online status is not active

This is also one of the signs that WhatsApp may be faulty by someone else.

A way to find out if your number appears online in someone else’s WhatsApp account when you do not open the WhatsApp app on your cell phone or WhatsApp web.

How to keep WhatsApp error free

WhatsApp charts.  CNN Indonesia / Bismuth SeptalismPhoto: CNN Indonesia / Bismuth Septalism
There are 5 ways to protect your WhatsApp account from error.

To protect against wiretapping and theft issues such as this, users can take the following 5 precautionary measures:

a. Exit WhatsApp Web

To avoid tapping WhatsApp through an app that reflects the WhatsApp web, users can check which devices your account is using via the WhatsApp web.

  • Click the dot option in the upper right
  • Click WhatsApp Web
  • A list of devices signed in to your account will appear
  • Select Exit from all devices

b. Enable two factor verification

This is an option to send a six-digit code each time a user logs in to a new device with a registered WhatsApp number. On the edge.

This code is different from OTP. This method is used so that people can enter the user’s WhatsApp account and transfer via QR code.

  • Click the dot option in the upper right
  • Setting up> Account> Two step verification
  • Click Enable
  • Enter the six secret codes of your choice
  • Enter email to recover keywords if users forget.
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c. Run the fingerprint scanner

No user can enter your WhatsApp account and scan the QR code for tapping, users can enable the fingerprint scanner feature.

  • Click the dot option in the upper right
  • Click Privacy
  • Click the fingerprint lock
  • To implement
  • Users will be asked to register their fingerprint
  • WhatsApp asks the user to choose how long the application will lock automatically, immediately, after 1 minute or after 30 minutes.

d. Reinstall WhatsApp

If you already click OK when there is a warning to move the account as mentioned earlier. You can reinstall WhatsApp to restore the account.

However, you are still using the number registered in WhatsApp. This is because the WhatsApp OTP code will be sent to the registered number.

e. Disable WhatsApp account

If the WhatsApp account has been hacked, deactivate the account to make sure no one is using the WhatsApp account.

You do this by sending an email to WhatsApp support at [email protected] with the caption “Lost / stolen: please deactivate my account” in the body of the email India Today.

After a successful deactivation, you will have 30 days to reactivate your account before it is completely deleted.

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