The deal fell apart after “The Lions Ten”

The deal fell apart after "The Lions Ten"

In the final episode of the twelfth season of “Die Hold der Lowen”, four lions fight for the opening “Pin Tree”. But after the show, the deal collapsed.

Brief essentials

  • Organizes the initial “Pin Tree” trips and plants the trees at the same time.
  • Four lions want the deal, but only two get it.
  • After the show, the deal falls apart, which is why.

At the end of the “Die Hohal der Lowen” season, the Lions fought for the last offer. But one of them broke after the show. Judith Williams and Carsten Mashmeyer explain why.

In the twelfth season of “Die Hohal der Lowen”, six more startups can count on the opportunity to win a contract on Monday evening. Lions Ralph Dummel, George Kofler, Nils Glago, Dogmar World, Carsten Mashmeyer and Judith Williams found what they were looking for. In the end, the four lions fought for the opening “Pin Tree”.

Travel Manager Chris Kaiser offers a site that allows different travel sites to work together.

Highlight: A tree is planted for each reservation. According to the 33-year-old, these trees are intended to compensate for emissions. Since its inception it has been able to plant more than 100,000 trees in twelve different countries.

Williams and Mashmeyer get the deal

Eventually Judith Williams and Carsten Mashmeyer strike. However, they want 25.1 percent, giving 75,000 Euro. They do not want to make a profit on the investment, but instead use it for an employee participation program to recoup the profit later.

Niles Glago and George Kofler also wanted to bid. You will even have 100,000 Euro Wanted only 20 percent of the company’s stock. In the end, the founders decided on Williams and Mashmeyer.

“Lion’s Cave”: Agreement blown

But at the end of the show, it becomes clear that the deal has not come. Mashmeyer criticized that there are other organizations that already do this. You will need stamps, quality certificates and receipts.

Simple, fax receipts are not enough. Thing The whole thing has actually taken a turn that is very understandable. We showed the founder many pages and helped him identify weaknesses in his organization, ”explains Judith Williams.

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