Kabeeb seen with former NBA star!

Khabib Nurmagomedov nba andrei kirilenko

C. Kabib Narmakomedov Now a young retiree, his immense career at UFC allows him to meet the most handsome men today. For example, he was recently spotted with a former NBA star!

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UFC legend Kabib Noormakomedov, who has been retired for several months now, continues his life amidst small hobbies and sometimes big buzz. At the end of last October, this was shown as an example Violent threats against Emmanuel Macron. Of course, Eagle has a good time, very quiet. He was recently spotted with a former NBA star during a fight at his private championship Eagle Fighting Championship.

But who are we talking about? From the former big European name or from the very funny and WTF reference, The only NBA player who can cheat on his wife “freely” one night a year. Do you have it? The answer is below.

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You will definitely recognize it, which is the darling of Jazz star Andrei Krilenko and fans after 10 seasons in Utah between 2001 and 2011. After a flash return to CSKA in 2012, Wolves, Nets and Three Seasons Sixers, the AK47 will complete its illustrious American career in 2015 with 11.8 points and an average of 5.5 rebounds. Since returning to Russia later, it makes a lot of sense to see him with a cup of tea, even if the player apparently has an extensive network of superstars …

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Glad to meet Legend ills Willsmith
I am waiting for you in Dagestan.

Kabeeb Narmakomedov Taking advantage of a fight that took place at his championship, we invite his teammate Andrei Grilenko, whom we have not heard of for a while. Always happy to see your head back!

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