The phone is still hanging – 7 ways to fix it –

The phone is still hanging - 7 ways to fix it -

To your attention – Arnoldas Lucosius, an expert at the Tele2 Innovation Bureau, shares the common causes of stuck phones and simple solutions to get rid of them.

# 1. Sharpen all the “corners”. The smooth functioning of smartphones depends on how much internal memory is occupied. Some devices start to crash or slow down when the memory is 80% full, so constant “hygiene” of the phone is essential.

Over time, your phone accumulates unnecessary, space-consuming, and inactive “junk”. These include files, screen shots, unused applications, old photos, audio and video clips or email links.

You can check exactly how much space your phone takes up in your photos, apps, music and other files in your phone settings. IPhone users will find phone memory by going to Settings> General> Storage and Android users Settings or My Device.

It is also useful to check my Files app regularly and delete downloads that have accumulated there. Delete unnecessary files and move sensitive files to the cloud or other media.

# 2. Save data to the cloud. The device starts running slowly when there is less than 1 GB of space in the phone memory. As a result, it is better not to store data in device memory, but in the external “clouds” of the Internet.
This will not only free up your smart memory, but also give you peace of mind that even if you lose your device, all your backups will be saved.

Using Android smartphones, copies of photos and other data can be stored in a convenient and efficient online repository such as Google Drive, Google Photos or Dropbox. All you have to do is select a feature in your settings to sync your data across the cloud.

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Meanwhile, iPhone owners can store photos, calendars, messages, usage and social networking data, Word, Acrobat and other selected documents in their iCloud account.

# 3. Clear hidden recovery data. Even if you think you have deleted all the files from your device’s working memory, this is not the case. In most cases, all deleted data on the device can be recovered.

Deleted folders are created automatically instead of deleted folders, allowing you to recover them. Unfortunately, these empty folders also take up space in device memory. However, with gadgets like Forever Con, most of these empty folders can be deleted permanently.

However, it is better to clear the working memory by resetting the phone to factory settings. It is important to move your most important files to the web cloud, making sure that you do not really need the deleted data in the future.

# 4. Clear browsing data. Every time you browse the Internet on your phone, special data is stored in your web cache. However, this data also takes up some of the phone’s memory, so deleting this cache may speed up your device.

On Android phones, when you open the Chrome browser window, click the three dots in the upper right corner of the window. Then select “History” and click “Clear browsing data”. In the window that opens, you can choose exactly what you want to delete: “Browsing History”, “Cookies and Site Data” or “Cached Images and Files”. Photos and data saved “).

Owners of IOs can delete their browser data in their browser’s Safari settings by selecting “Clear History and Website Data”.

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True, such a cleanup will usually remove you from the accounts you use in your browser, so keep in mind that you will need to log in again each time you clean up.

# 5. Close the “more hungry” gadgets. Functional gadgets constantly run in the background, sync, copy data or send related messages. But there is another side to the coin – they consume more power and slow down the device.

The first step is to identify which gadgets are “using” the most smart resources, which can cause permanent device crashes. For example, Samsung phones have device maintenance and Xiaomi battery storage. It is recommended to use them regularly.

In the meantime, iPhones automatically place the remaining sleep apps in the background, which puts less stress on your device’s memory and runs more smoothly.

Also, another simple way to close apps is to restart your phone. Turn off your smartphone once a week, leave it on for a minute and then turn it on again. The restarted phone closes open unused applications and erases all parts of previously running applications from memory.

# 6. Upgrade settings for gaming gadgets. Often, phone interruptions occur while playing. The malfunction of the smartphone can be caused by the reasons listed above and by the phone settings which are not suitable for gaming use.

The solution to this problem is the Game Booster Applet. After installing the applet, you can automatically upgrade the processor, RAM and many more things. For maximum performance and speed of the game applet with one click.

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True, some phones like Samsung have their own gaming optimizer, so no additional gadgets are required.

# 7. Clean your phone thoroughly. If your smartphone is constantly hanging and you already have many photos and other files you do not know where to start managing your phone’s assets, there is a bold solution – resetting your phone to factory settings.

For iPhones, go to Settings> General> Reset> Reset all settings to factory reset.

On Android phones, go to Settings> Backup & Restore> Factory Data Reset> Reset Phone. “Reset phone settings”).

Such cleaning of the phone is recommended by experts once a year – usually the only way to clean the “junk” software that slows down the phone.

Before using this efficient method for phone memory recovery, remember to move all important items to a safe place – memory card, external drive or “cloud”.

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