Pay attention! Nine Unknown WhatsApp Tips – Hidden Activities

Pay attention!  Nine Unknown WhatsApp Tips - Hidden Activities

Chatting with friends for free, setting up group chats for the family and sending photos around the world – of course, you can do it all through WhatsApp. But the messenger service can do a lot more. Here are nine tips to try.

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WhatsApp makes its users happy again and again New functions. For example, in 2017, a function was added that allows you to tell your friends about your current one Contact location Can. The word of such great inventions is quickly circulating. But these nine functions are not easily noticed by beginners and ordinary users:

1. Use WhatsApp on your computer

You can type WhatsApp messages very fast using the PC keyboard while you are sitting at the computer anyway. There are two ways to do this: Download the desktop app for Mac or Windows Below here. Or you go ahead web.whatsapp.comChat directly in the web browser. Is from’s browser Version 7.47 Even a button in the upper right corner.
A QR code will appear in the window, which you can use with the camera Smartphones Need to scan to sync system with mobile phone app. To do this, tap on the application menu (three dots on the top right), then tap on “WhatsApp Web” and point the camera at the icon. The cell phone must be connected to the Internet. After that, a chat window will open with your regular contacts and previous chat history. When you’re done, don’t forget to leave again.

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Android users should note: Android Messenger Now offers a very similar function. Prefers new SMS design Google Create alternatives to various messenger applications.

2. Access the files directly on the computer

It doesn’t always have to be photos: it can be used to open WhatsApp iOS Send any files up to 128 megabytes. This is 100 megabytes on Android. This can be from your favorite song, a word document, a presentation for the next meeting or a contact from the phone book. Clicking on the small paper clip icon in the chat window will open all the options. The web browser application allows you to upload files from your own computer and send them to other people’s cell phones.

3. Add close friends to the home screen

For chat partners you write frequently, there is a shortcut to the smartphone’s start screen. To do this, open the person’s chat and go to settings and then “Further“And”Add shortcut“Create shortcut. The small icon can be automatically placed in the next free space on the start screen and used for” drag and drop “(briefly hold the code).

4. Remember the messages

If you want to memorize messages later and find them easily again, it is a good idea to mark them with an asterisk. How it works: Press the message for a few seconds until a blue background and a menu opens at the top of the screen. You mark multiple messages one after the other and mark them together.

5. Find out how much time has elapsed between delivering and reading a message

Two gray ticks on the back of a message indicate that it was delivered to the recipient. As soon as he reads them, they turn blue. But how long has it been since the recipient opened it? You can find out by holding down the message and then clicking on the three small dots in the top right corner. “InformationThere you can find the time the message was received and the time it was read.

6. Quote in group chat

The more people in a group interact with each other, the more difficult it is to follow the conversation. This becomes clear with the help of the “quote” function. To do this, hold down the message and the left arrows in the context menu (Answer). The original message will then be added to your message. So everyone knows what the answer means, there is a little order in the confusion of group chat.

7. Broadcast instead of group chat

In group chat, everyone is talking at the same time and everyone can be seen discussing. Through the broadcast process, on the other hand, mass messages can be sent to the entire phone book or to selected contacts, but the answers remain private. To the recipient, this sounds like a normal personal message. Only the sender knows that the message was sent to multiple recipients at the same time. This can be useful, for example, if you want to invite a lot of people to a party where you don’t know each other.

The broadcast function can be found in the menu. Many do not know what is behind it.

8. Format the text

It’s not just emojis that help emphasize what’s written. WhatsApp allows you to format text. For example, for bold words they must be in asterisks To be set. An underline appears before and after this word. Passing a word works with an approximate sign (). So WhatsApp becomes * bold *Fat , _ Slope_ isGradient . Characters can also be combined, for example: * _ is bold and italic_ *Bold and inclined

. Give it a try! Knowing this feature is also easy to detect hoax or spam.For example, WhatsApp chain letters are in circulation, trying to deceive users into thinking they are error messages .

Of course, professional users know that anyone can create such text messages.

9. Creative status updates for close friends

WhatsApp has copied this from Snapshot: once you take a picture in the app, you can edit it with various filters, decorate it with emojis or drawings and much more. Like a social network, these works are then displayed in the form of status reports. These will disappear automatically after 24 hours.

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