Arguments to replace the Nintendo Joy-con skate are not a real issue for gamers

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The Nintendo Switch event, known as the Joy Con glide, was “not a real problem or causing anyone any inconvenience.” Nintendo is said to be making this claim to defend the class action case related to input recording even though the switch controllers do not touch. These words will no doubt be of great comfort to my UPS driver who delivered the newly refurbished Joy Cons to my home earlier this week. That box should have been empty. According to one editor, the law firm behind Joy Khan’s gliding class-action lawsuit wants to fight back.

Simicals Swartz Griner & Donaldson-Smith (CSK & D) says Nintendo denies that Joy Con slip has caused any problems for Nintendo switch owners. The company wants to “prove and humanize” its impact on gamers, but needs some help. CSK & D is asking for video evidence of the Joy Khan skid, according to the editor, who claims to have contacted the company in connection with the upcoming class action lawsuit. The company is said to be requesting submission of video resources by October 16 so that a package can be compiled as video source.

While “denying everything” is a common legal defense, Nintendo has already apologized for the inconvenience of allegedly denying it. In July, President Shundaro Furukawa said, “We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our customers.” Of course this report will become the source of the investigation. Nintendo’s actions show that it knows it’s wrong and has been fixing the wrong Joy Cons since July 2019.

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Nintendo’s past actions indicate that the company is aware that there are issues with Joyce Cons. Any broken Joy Cons will be sent through its own revenue plan. We used this in September as many restructures failed to resolve the issue. The repair plan worked even though our switch violated the warranty. Nintendo warns that repairs may take some time due to COVID-19 concerns, but overall the breakthrough time is not bad. In our case it took about 10 days to send the UPS label and then three weeks to get them back. The Joy Cons we received were the ones we sent and we check them through the photos before and after receiving them. The little nicks and dings were still on the bodies when we sent them, but the analog sticks would no longer slip.

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CSK & D has set up an email address [email protected] to receive short (less than 90 seconds) videos of Phantom input. If you currently have some joy cons showing signs of slipping, submitting video resources may be in everyone’s best interest. Let us know in the comments if your switch has shown signs of untouched analog stick operation and if you need to make repairs.

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