Guild Wars 2 arrives to Steam in advance of up coming year’s expansion

Guild Wars 2 comes to Steam ahead of next year's expansion

Dragons? Experienced adequate of ’em. Time to provide this whole flying lizard farce to an conclusion. Guild Wars 2 seems to agree, with the announcement of future year’s Finish Of Dragons growth. Placing immortals in the floor is a tall request, mind, so ArenaNet are taking their match to Steam this November to practice up a new technology of champions right before the subsequent significant adventure begins.

Teased with a vague trailer earlier today, Close Of Dragons (official internet site) is remaining really elusive all over its giant lizard slaughter – hiding driving mysterious conversations and some oh-so-lovely pastel paintbrushes.

Ahead of all that while, is information that Guild Wars 2 will hit Steam this November, after just about a ten years employing its personal launcher. The Steam version of ArenaNet’s MMO will be up to speed with all Living Planet material up to The Icebrood Saga, and both Heart Of Thorns and Route Of Fireplace expansions will be accessible on launch. Regrettably, existing players will have to stick to the old launcher, as the Steam site notes that “existing Guild Wars 2 participant accounts can’t be accessed through Steam”.

Deets on up coming year’s expansion are a very little murkier. In between the title and the monologuing immortals in the teaser trailer, I reckon the dragons are about to fulfill a extended-overdue comeuppance. Conclude Of Dragons will take adventurers down to the southern island nation of Cantha previous noticed in Guild Wars: Factions. Watching my lover play by way of that expansion not too long ago, the island appears dominated by a sprawling, Kowloon-inspired metropolis. Thankfully, you will also uncover some stunning rugged landscapes just beyond the metropolis limitations.

Stop Of Dragons is due to arrive someday next yr, so remain tuned for much more facts in excess of the coming months.



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