“All American”, “Dare Me” … Super Bowl in American football and series

"All American", "Dare Me" ... Super Bowl in American football and series

This is an event in the United States and around the world. On February 7, hundreds of millions of spectators will watch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City leaders meet for the Super Bowl, the final of the American Football Championship. This game, which is central to American culture, is very popular and has inspired many series. In Give it to me, In Bowlers, Passes American Crime Story: The O.J. The Simpson affair. How do fictions capture this universe? What do these series say about American football? Money, racial tensions, representation of women எவ்வாறு How is this game conducted?

In this episode of SERIELAND, Eva Rock explores the American football manipulation series with Premier magazine journalist Charles Martin and editor Gregory Asher Chain Team And commentator on the 2021 edition of the Super Bowl.

Week Interval: All Americans

Spencer James (played by Daniel Ezra), an African-American young man from a poor area of ​​Los Angeles, has been named by the prestigious Beverly Hills High American Football Team. Despite his difficult coordination and risky life, he will do everything to become a professional player.

All Americans The story of Spencer Basinger (consultant and producer of the series) player is inspired by a true story. Beyond being a good series for young people centered on the stories of the hearts and the competitions of young athletes, All American testifies to the racial tensions that affect American football. The series tells about two worlds, two American environments colliding, one white and bling-bling, the other black and backward.

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3 seasons, 45 episodes about 45 minutes to watch in Salto.

Background column: Super Bowl and series, audience story

Super Bowl also benefits from playoffs! After the final match is televised, it is time to catch as many viewers as possible. Channels with broadcast rights for the competition have the opportunity to launch new series or create special episodes. In 1983, NBC launched a cult series, All risk company

SERIELAND recommends you: We are we …

This is a series by Italian filmmaker Luca Guadakjino, author of the 2017 Oscar-nominated film Call Me By Your Name. In Who We Are, we find his favorite themes, youth and identity questions. The series depicts the friendship of two young Americans at a military base in Italy. Gentle, she precisely addresses the desires of adolescents. Among the cast, we see Francesca Scorsese, the daughter of director Martin Scorsese.

Season 1, about 1 hour 8 episodes to find on Starsplay from March 7th

… and Crashes

Before the funny and touching flyback, there was Crashing, signed by the same author Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The series, a bright comedy, tells the story of a strange young woman named Lulu, who comes to London to find her childhood love. Except that the boy in question lives in a community in an abandoned hospital. His fianc மனைவிe lives with him! New generation guys, Crushing feels like a series well!

30 minute episodes to watch on the mic.

Guest: Gregory Usher

Gregory Asher is the editor of an American football magazine on the “L Equip” channel. He is a Super Bowl commentator

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Guest favorites: Cases, tailor-made lawyers

Harvey, an arrogant lawyer from Harvard in Suites, chooses to hire a very intelligent young man with incredible memory, but never completes his law studies.

Highly documented, this series tells about how American law works. It was accurate, well fast and played well. As for the preface, it is a series that reveals Megan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, the wife of Prince Harry.

Watch Netflix 9 seasons, 134 episodes about 45 minutes.


Author and presentation: Eva Rock

Authors: Clemens Oliver, Charles Martin

Director: Christoph Pierrod

Editorial Project Manager: Timothy Magot

Distribution and Publishing: Salome Gerno

Production: Maggie Buttalt

Graphics: Karel Villas

European Movement 1 Studio: Oliver Lentress

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