“Forget that we are” presented at the Marseille Spanish Film Festival Best Picture

07/09/2020 Fernando Tropa Policy Basque County Spain Europe Quibosco SSIFF 'Forgetting We Are' Image 07/09/2020 Fernando Tropa Policy Basque County Spain Europe Quibosco SSIFF ‘Forgetting We Are’ Image

The Colombian film “Forgetting We Are”, directed by the famous Spanish director Fernando Tropa. He won the Horizont de Oro Award for Best Picture at the Cinehorizonte Festival, also known as the Spanish Film Festival in Marseille, France.

Audiovisual production based on the coherent book by Hector Abbott Facioolins, the life of his father, physician and human rights defender Hector Abbott Gomez, was assassinated on August 25, 1987 in Medellin by paramilitary forces.

I am so excited, it is a great honor for me to receive the prize of one of my favorite festivals, in a city I love so muchThe Spanish director said after learning of the gift given to them.

The announcement of the awards to be presented to the winners in support of the project “El Olvito Q Ceremos”, hosted by Caracal Television and produced by Taco Productions, aired on social media this Friday, January 29th. According to Cinehorizons, the referee in charge of the selection was Dominic Cabrera, who was presided over by Yves Berke, Albert Oriole and Juan Carlos Rameres.

On my behalf I would like to thank the referee and the festival, especially the author of the book Hector Abbott, and all my team of Colombian actors in Spanish, because apparently the actor is Javier Semara. (2) I hope to be able to present the film live in Marseille soonSpanish Spanish Fernando Tropa added the director of the film.

In its announcements, Marseille’s Spanish Film Festival announced that the Special Director Award for Best Director had been won by the film “The Hijaz of a Thief” by Spanish director Belen Fuens.

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On the other hand, the prize for best short film went to Spanish director David Perez S சdov’s “Una Noch Est”.

Other recognitions of ‘we forget where we are’

That was also announced last Wednesday, January 27th The Colombian film is set to be screened at the 38th Miami Film Festival, A version that will take place in a hybrid way of virtual and face-to-face communication from March 5 to 14 this year in the state capital of Florida.

It is an honor for us to be a part of this important selection along with other notable directors such as Agnieszka Holland and Majid Majidi, and of course it is a privilege to present the film’s premiere in the United States at the Miami Film Festival and the great motivation for the film in the Oscar nominations race we represent the countryThe film’s producer Taco Garcia said.

The festival also announced it, according to the El Boss de Gaulle newspaper Javier Comara, the Spanish actor who played Dr. Hector Abbott Gomez in “Forget We Will Be”, receives the Precious Gem Award, By its act. According to the media, the award is given to actors of the seventh art, “whose contributions to cinema are immortal and unforgettable”.

In mid-January, we learned that The Colombian film was nominated for the 2021 Goya Awards, Prize by the Academy of Cinematography and Science of Spain in the category of Best Latin American Film. This edition of the awards will take place on March 6 at the Detro del Soho Keiza Bank in Malaga, Spain.

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As part of the film festivals in San Sebastian (Spain), Toulouse (France), Rome and India, “Forget We Are” This is Colombia’s representative film at the Oscars.

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