Daytona’s 24 hours a day playing with infection

Daytona's 24 hours a day playing with infection

Despite the health condition, the United States continues to organize races and welcomes the public. With some success, it has to be recognized.

France bans, postpones or cancels each of its events, and the United States maintains its largest motor racing calendar. The race will begin this Saturday, January 30, after a 24-hour test and qualifying roar for Daytona last weekend.

Admittedly, the largest camping area located within the roundabout is the “Badak Tour” or Attendance will not be on schedule until the start of the race. But it’s a festive weekend in the open air being made on the beaches of Florida.

Daytona’s Rolex 24 is the first round of the 2021 season of the IMSA Championship, He had already achieved the feat of holding his health duties while entertaining fans at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta for the Petit Le Mans race last November.

© Michelin North America

© Michelin North America

French is an example

In the United States, if social exclusion and the wearing of masks are used as political levers during the presidential election, The Biden administration has not yet changed anything that the Trump administration had for entertainment and recreation. If the borders and air routes with Europe are closed again (from January 26), shops, restaurants and entertainment venues will be open, with different rules by state.

To protect their operations, the organizers of 24 Hour Daytona have implemented stricter health regulations than can be found anywhere else in the country, inspired by what is done in Formula 1. But if the race is open to the public, the atmosphere will not be as usual: The expected 10,000 spectators (compared to the regular 30,000) will be distributed across the 147,000 seats offered by Daytona International Speedway. There is only one rule, and then it will be easier to respect: everyone should observe a distance of 6 feet or 1.80 m from their neighbor’s house.

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© Michelin North America

© Michelin North America

« We know that everything is being looked at more and more meticulously and that there will be new rules soon, Cites Tony Maynard, director of Michelin Motorsport in North America, as an example of applying to the rigorous health procedures learned from other companies last March.

But in motorsport, everything is already well organized. As the sponsor of the IMSA Championship, we see the effectiveness of the action in practice as we equip 100% of the more than 100 cars participating in this competition.

Michelin, one of the leaders in terms of health ethics in North America, says we are responsible for everything that happens on the business and manufacturing side (obviously reduction, editorial note) because what matters most to us is the people. Here, we have regular updates with our Health and Safety Manager, together we review the race calendar and read and reduce the number of people who go to races. It is sometimes controllable, but it is necessary, and the results are satisfactory. “

© Michelin North America

© Michelin North America

As for the Daytona race, the rules are even tighter compared to 2020. Each person will be in a “bubble” dedicated to their activity that cannot be left out. “For example, I can not leave the” badak “bubble allotted to me, go with my group to the fan zone page to meet Michelin’s guests.”, To be continued Tony Maynard. “During Petit Le Mans, at the end of last season, I was still able to do it. Everyone understands the risks, which now restricts gratitude for our actions.”

Although the situation in the American motorsport world seems to be more or less under control, We see business and marketing driving somewhat more decision-making. Close to us, none of the FIA ​​departments say they are willing to welcome the public to a race, although they do operate on a similar system and several PCR tests (for bettors). In the United States, brands have chosen to keep in touch and invite customers and opportunities to the rounds. Of course with restrictions, but a business, human and emotional bond is preserved. And good results.

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The 24-hour Daytona launch will take place on Saturday, January 30 at 3.30pm local, i.e. at 9.30pm in France.

© Michelin North America

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