Isabelle Lemoine Lindberg

Photographer Isabel LN Lindbergh

Where does your interest in photography come from?
I lost my father when I was 5, and his photo albums allowed me to understand his lifestyle, history and his values ​​without him knowing. I wanted to tell you my vision of the world.
I think photography is a powerful vector of our realities. It memorizes moments of our lives, but also the way we want to remember them.
But I wanted to be a photographer until I found extraordinary photos of Sally Mann. His approach to photography caught my attention! I have never seen such meaningful photos!

What do you like in fashion, luxury and music to dedicate your work to?
There is no doubt that the desire to innovate in every new project. We need to create images that make an impact. You have to sell thanks for the display. I like the competition, if the picture is not good enough it will not be checked by the customer. The question is constantly asked. It is also very interesting to see which film will ultimately be most appreciated by the general public.

What material do you work with, do you like film or digital?
I usually work with the Canon 5 DSR, but sometimes I work with other cameras like the Sony Alpha 7, Nikon T800, T6 or even with a hashtag.
I don’t do filming anymore because I don’t have enough time, but I never fail to do some Polaroid with a simple instant camera, and photography is always fun in our daily lives.

Where do you want to work: in the studio or in the woods?
Both! I couldn’t choose one or the other, it would be like saying whether you want to be out or out all the time … In the studio I like the tech page and games from the light; Everything can be mastered. When we have to modify the outside, daylight is never the same and gives a very different rendering.

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What do you think will be the most important film of 2020?
I imagine Oba’s blanket must have worked! A rapper on the cross will not be noticed.

Can you find out more about the work you did with rapper Oba for his Omega album, and why take his picture on the cross?
The 6 & 7 label needs a strong image to tell its story.
You can see the cross made of everyday objects.
We feared a scandal over the misunderstanding facing this rapper who was crucified.
But what we wanted to express was the story of a generation that was sacrificed by our community.
Obai stressed that there should be a “good” and “bad” side for his audience to read easily. It worked well.

When you are approached for a project, what is most important to you in the product, and what space do relationships / exchanges with your customer occupy?
The most important thing is to undoubtedly fully understand the request and process it systematically and with quality. Communication and patience are important to get the results of a project.

You also work for valuable brands like Swarovski. Do you have the same photographic approach when working with artists, brands or style?
More or less .. ensuring that the basics remain the same, i.e. the structure, preparation and understanding that the customer has in mind. The rest you have to tweak, no photo session is the same!

You love to travel, you settled in St. Bartholomew. Do your travels and places around you inspire your work as a photographer?
I am always influenced by those around me. When I came to St. Barthelemy, I did not think I would be around long. The light and atmosphere made me want to take more photos outside and meet the locals, go slowly with Paris and open up to other frontiers.

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Your grandfather, Charles Lindbergh, was the first pilot to fly over the Atlantic. What does this period of history mean to you?
He was one of the pioneers of flight, his calmness, his simplicity and his logic are all we remember. The crossroads is only the beginning of a long journey, I would like to say quickly through my family memories.

Want to do a photo retrospective on your aviator grandfather Charles Lindbergh?
I have been thinking about this for a while; It took me a long time to see in the dusty boxes with her correspondence with my grandmother who I was so close to. I also found there photos that I would like to share at a future exhibition, while at the same time telling the story of my family, with my vision, through the stories told by my grandmother Brigitte Hessheimer and my mother. In Astrid Boot.

Want to tell us about your next works for 2021?
I have plans everywhere, and it always has last minute plans in a variety of settings such as fashion, luxury or music.
In addition to my retrospective project on Charles Lindbergh, there are already a number of projects going on for Willebrequin, La Gallery Click and Josie Maran.

What do you want to say to finish?
As a photographer you have to search for wholeness and be strong and firm in the face of everyday life. Time and experience have given me the confidence to earn a living from photography, and many more projects to come!

Thanks to Isabel LN Lindbergh for responding to our interview!
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