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Press Stories: American Folk Art Museum and Guggenheim Museum Push Artistic Boundaries

The American Folk Art Museum is currently presenting a captivating exhibition that delves into the rich history of textile art. Showcasing vibrant pieces made by free and enslaved individuals, the exhibit takes visitors on a journey through the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. One standout artifact is a bedcover from 1853, lovingly crafted by Sarah “Sallie” Ann Garges of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. This intricate piece features eye-catching embroidery and appliqué on a striking orange background. The bedcover elegantly portrays scenes of laborers, architecture, animals, and plants, all of which played significant roles in farm life during that era.

Meanwhile, the Guggenheim Museum is hosting two thought-provoking exhibitions that challenge the traditional notion of art objects. “Gego: Measuring Infinity” is a retrospective of Gertrud Goldschmidt, commonly known as Gego. This German-Venezuelan artist gained recognition for her distinctive sculptures made exclusively from wire. The exhibition showcases Gego’s minimalist approach to art and her masterful use of wire as a primary medium.

Simultaneously, the Guggenheim presents “Sarah Sze: Timelapse,” a midcareer survey of American artist Sarah Sze. Known for her imaginative installations composed of various objects such as wire, matchsticks, and video screens, Sze’s creations invoke a sense of levitation and magic, often negating the perceived ordinariness of the materials employed. The exhibition invites viewers to explore Sze’s innovative approach to art and delve into the boundless possibilities offered by new materials and unconventional mediums.

Both exhibitions at the Guggenheim Museum push the boundaries of traditional art forms. By exploring and experimenting with non-traditional materials, Gego and Sze captivate audiences with their unique visions and exceptional artistic expressions. Their works challenge the conventional notions of sculpture and installation, opening up new avenues for appreciation and understanding.

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Art enthusiasts can now immerse themselves in these boundary-pushing exhibitions at the American Folk Art Museum and the Guggenheim Museum. These showcases not only celebrate artists of diverse backgrounds but also encourage viewers to question the limits of traditional art mediums, unveiling fresh perspectives and inspiring creativity in their wake. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the magic of these extraordinary exhibitions that redefine artistic boundaries.

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