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Viber – WhatsApp: Fierce competition between the two best communication apps, Viber and WhatsApp. Read on xristika.gr What happened.

The Raguten Viper, One of the world’s leading applications for free and secure communications, expresses its anger at the recent update of its personal data policy terms Share.

Although in the past WhatsApp users had chosen not to share their number on Facebook, now it is mandatory.

Users must accept the new terms within the next 30 days, otherwise they will not be able to use their accounts.

To understand the plight of WhatsApp users, we recommend watching the interview with Brian Acton, co-founder of Forbes, with Barmy Olson for 2018. There he discusses the logic behind his departure and the tweet he advised. Users delete their Facebook account: “I sold my users’ privacy for the greater good.” I made a choice and a compromise, and I had to live with it every day. “

With its latest update, WhatsApp has completed its integration with Facebook. As Facebook and WhatsApp become one, users of the messaging app are used to making more money than ever before, which is something to worry about for those seeking more privacy.

Until its renewal4ης January, WhatsApp’s Terms of Use are as follows:

  • “Written with respect for your privacy DNA To us. Since we started Share We aim to build our services based on strong privacy policies. “
  • “However, your messages Share Will not be notified Facebook, Others can see them. In essence, the Facebook I will not use his messages Share For any reason other than to help us operate and deliver our services to you “.

Both of these phrases are now omitted.

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In contrast to the turbulent waters that protect WhatsApp users ’data, Viber has been a role model, incorporating key features that enhance privacy. These features include:

  • Default encryption ResultsToResults For free personal calls and chats without the need for any special settings. It’s easy: no one but participants have access to calls and chats – not even Viber.
  • The messages provided are not saved Viber Copy Cloud Disabled by default: Users who want to back up their chats can choose to enable Cloud Backup, but Viber will not keep copies of their messages or calls.
  • Screen saver: Viber provides top-level screen protection that allows users to send self-deleting messages to a conversation, but the entire conversation is hidden and displayed using only a password.
  • Do not share data Facebook: Viber has severed all business ties with Facebook. No usage information will be shared on Facebook.

A recent, outrageous update of WhatsApp’s privacy policy turns the word “privacy” into a joke. The update not only shows that data security is of no importance to WhatsApp, but also looks like a new record that will insult users, which will definitely be broken again in the future. “Today I am more proud than ever of the data protection policy we have on Viber, and I invite anyone who pays more to transfer their messages and calls to Viber who sees themselves as more than just data to sell themselves,” commented Digmel Agova. , CEO of Raguden Viper.

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